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AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set- A Comprehensive Review

AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set- A Comprehensive Review

The AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set is a perfect set to add to your kitchen arsenal. It comes in handy for measuring, mixing and storing ingredients in one container. This mixing bowl set is designed to last for a life time still looking as good as the day you bought it!

You can perform myriads of kitchen/culinary tasks with this set. From mixing your cake batter, to make pizza dough, to marinating meat; you name it and you have the utensil for it!

Although mixing bowls are seemingly simple kitchen utensils, they are indispensable in any kitchen.  Your collection of cake mixing tools is incomplete without mixing bowls. Therefore it is necessary that you get top quality mixing bowls so that you don’t have to keep needing replacements.

The AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set comes loaded with many features which we’ll discuss in this review. However, before we get to that segment, let’s take a peek into the brand behind this great product.


Brand Profile

AVACRAFT  is founded and owned by Asha Kangralkar a professed mom- chef. Her primary passion is the creation of beautiful and tasty meals that expresses love and creates unforgettable memories.

This brand was born out of a desire to have the best cookware for her culinary endeavors. She had searched for perfect cookware/kitchen utensils and most that she found didn’t meet her approval. This made her to take up the challenge and begin to partner with manufacturers. Now she creates the type and quality of cookware that she had searched for but couldn’t find.

AVACRAFT  only partners with a few manufacturers who work with only top quality materials. Each product prototype is meticulously tested by Asha herself in her private kitchen.  This ensures that only products that both regular mom and professional chef would enjoy using are introduced into the market.

One factor that AVACRAFT is committed to is the fact that cook/kitchen ware should be durable. They should be items that one can pass on from one generation to the other.

AVACRAFT also listens to its customers and creates products that consistently deliver complete customer satisfaction.  One of such product is the AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set that we are reviewing today.


Features of the AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set

Mixing Bowl Set

Top Quality Stainless Steel

This AVACRAFT mixing bowl set is made with top quality 18/10 stainless steel.  It is extremely resistant to stain, rust or crack. Compared to other steel or materials of lower quality, it retains its shine and finish.

Matte Finish

In addition to the above feature, the matte finish also prevents the bowls from getting scratched. We know how much contact mixing bowls have with mixing tools and how that can impact on the appearance of the bowls. This finish helps to keep your bowls always looking new.

Adequate Sizes of Bowls

The AVACRAF T Mixing Bowls come in three sizes that are just right for many kitchen tasks.  These sizes are  1.5, 3 and 5 quarts. It’s usually very frustrating not to have the right bowl for any of our mixing tasks; this can actually lead to improperly mixed ingredients.


With the AVACRAFT Mixing Bowls you are assured that every task would get the appropriate bowl.

Airtight Lids

Each of the AVACRAFT Mixing Bowls comes with an airtight lid. This allows you to transition the bowls from mixing to storing; what’s more? You can also use them to serve your family or entertain your guests.

These lids come in handy for when you want to make all your icing  at once. Just make a large batch of icing, use the quantity needed at the moment, and then store the rest in the fridge.

You are sure that whatever you store in the bowls would remain fresh due to the airtight nature of these lids .

Measurement Markings Inside the Bowls

There are measurement markings inside each bowl and this is a very convenient feature.  It saves you the hassle of first using a measuring cup before mixing your ingredients. All you need do is use the marking to get the right quantity of ingredient you need.

The measurement markings come in quarts and liters for more ease of use.

Nesting Design

The AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set is designed to nest one in the other. This saves you so much storage space.

Skid-Free Base

The bottom of the bowls is lined with non slip silicone. This ensures that the bowls would remain firmly on your working surface when in use.

Silicone Handle

The silicone handles are ergonomically designed to ease of handling. These handles make it easy for you to hold the bowls while mixing and also to pour out your ingredients.

Pour Spout

Similarly, the pour spout adds more convenience to your mixing experience. This pour spout makes it easy for you to pour out already mixed ingredients from the bowls.

Extra Features

There are some extra features of the AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set and they include the following:-

    • Long lasting and BPA free materials – The materials used for this mixing bow set are BPA free. Furthermore the quality of the materials used ensures that the mixing bowls lasts for long.
    • Dishwasher Safe – The manufacturer states that the bowls are dishwasher safe. However,some people advise that the bowls be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher because of the silicone at the bottom.There are also customers who feel the bowls should be hand washed.
    • Refrigerator and Freezer Safe – You can safely store your leftovers with these bowls.
    • 100% money back lifetime guarantee – The product comes with a warranty of full refund if you are dissatisfied with purchase.

If you would like to have these features at your disposal then click here to purchase the AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set.


Benefits of The AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set

These wonderful features that we have enumerated above afford a lot of benefits to the user. Here are some of these benefits:-

Appropriate Bowls for Various Tasks

With the AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set you have  just the right size of bowls for different culinary task.   Now you no longer have to be stressed out when making your cakes or any baked or cooked confection.  The largest bowl even gives room for doubling recipes.

Functional and Versatile Utensils

These bowls are both functional and versatile. You get bowls that are not only useful for mixing your cake batters and other recipes but also storing leftovers.  Furthermore they can also be used to deliver meals, snacks, salads and the likes to potlucks or picnics.

Ease of Use /Convenience

Features such as the ergonomic handles, the pour spout and non –slip bottom all make for great ease of use.  The level of convenience delivered by these features is very beneficial to the user.

Convenient Storage

Due to the nesting design of the AVACRAFT Mixing Bowls they have small footprint. This saves you storage space; you don’t have to stress about finding storage space for three bowls. All you need is space for one bowl as they all nest as one.

Aesthetic Value

These mixing bowls wouldn’t look shabby on your countertop or in your kitchen cabinet because  are tastefully designed. They also make a good gift for the ardent cook or even a professional chef/baker.


If you are ready to enjoy these benefits click here to buy the AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set.


Demerits of the AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set

Despite the fact that this mixing bowl set has received much praise and endorsement, there are still a few demerits. This is to be expected of any man-made product. These demerits include the following:-

Design of the Handles

The handles are narrow and so are awkward to handle for users with long fingers.

Bowed Bottoms

The bottoms of the bowls pop out when you are mixing heavy ingredients or using a mixer and don’t sit flat on the surface. This usually happens with the middle and large bowls. However they would pop back in if you apply a gentle pressure to the bottom.

The Rolled Seams

The rolled seam at the edge of the bowls gathers debris or whatever mixture you pour from the bowls. This  design makes the mixing bowls more difficult to clean as you have to ensure that every food particle is washed off.  What this means is that you have to be careful in washing the bowls to avoid accumulation of dirt or food debris.

Having stated these demerits, we must say that many customers insist that they are not deal breakers for them. Well, different strokes for different folks.


Customers’ Opinion of the AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set

The AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set is receiving a number of reviews from verified users. Most of these reviews are quite positive but a few aren’t.

We’ll give you a summary of some of these opinions.


Positive Reviews

We Love the Features

Many customers love the features of these mixing bowls and the most mentioned features are:- a) the ergonomic handles (b) the pour spout (c) non slip base and (d) measurement markings.

These features earned the product a 5-star rating.

Durability of the Materials

The durability of the AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set earned it 4 and 5-star reviews. Buyers are glad that they do not have to shop for replacements for a long time after purchasing this product.

Versatility of the Set is a Great Advantage

These bowls can be used for various tasks and also transition from one function to the other. This is a great benefit that earned the product more positive ratings from customers.  Many people love the fact that they can measure, mix, store and even serve with these bowls.

Well Worth the Price

Although some customer initially balked at the price, they later confessed that the price was well worth it.  Not only do they appreciate the beauty of the design but the features also. More features that were mentioned are the scratch resistant interior, the lightweight and the nesting design.

Handle is Very Helpful and Measurement Markings Easy to Read

One customer rated these bowls 5 star because of the ergonomic handles. They testify that the handle was just what their arthritic wrist needed. In addition to the positive raving about the handle, the easily legible measurement markings were highly appreciated.

These handles also served well for a customer with carpal tunnel in the left hand. This also added to the positive ratings of the product.

High Quality Steel

Many customers are happy with the quality of the stainless steel used to manufacture these bowls. They rated the bowls between a 4 and 5 because of this. In addition they are also happy with the fact that these bowls are beautifully designed. This means that they can be and have been used as gift items for special occasions.

Those who received this product as gift items were very pleased with it and rated it highly.

Negative Reviews

Before we mention some of the negative reviews that this product received, we’d like to posit that these views may be subjective. That said, we would give you a few of these negative reviews and allow you make your decision.

Position of the Handle

Some customers who still prefer using plastic wrap to cover some recipes in their missing bowl weren’t happy with the position of the handle.  They complained that the handle didn’t allow them properly wrap the bowl. Well most of them learnt to use the lids and thankfully, they are airtight.

Narrow Handles

The fact that the handles on the bowls aren’t wide cost the product one star. Customers who have long fingers complain that the handle on the bowls is awkward for them to hold.

Country of manufacture

A particular customer complained that they didn’t see the country of manufacture on the product. However we noted that the product is made in China.  Another customer who also noted the same thing wasn’t pleased that the product is made in China.


If you still love these bowls in spite of the demerits and negative reviews, click here to buy the AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set.

However if you still want to explore other options before making a choice, here are a few options.


Alternatives to the AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set


Mini Mixing and Serving Bowls

Glokers Mini 3.5 Inch Glass Bowls

AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set

The Mini 3.5 Inch Glass Bowls are a set of 12 mini bowls that are multi function. They are a perfect accompaniment for your large capacity mixing bowls. The 4 oz capacity makes them perfect for mixing individual recipes, measuring ingredients or even serving and entertaining guest.

We all know how easy to forget some of these small ingredients. But with these 12 mini bowls, you can set out all your small ingredients while baking. This eliminates the risk of forgetting them.

The transparency of the bowls also adds to the convenience of remembering ingredients. You would also avoid confusion of ingredients when you are baking.

Now you have mixing bowls for those ¼ cup or smaller recipes; you no longer have to grapple with regular sized mixing bowls for such recipes.

Most importantly, these bowls serve a myriad of purposes.  They can be used for whatever you think is appropriate.

Click here to buy the Mini 3.5 Inch Glass Bowls for that multipurpose versatility.


Brand Name Plastic Mixing Bowls

KitchenAid Prep Bowls with Lids, Set of 4


This KitchenAid set of 4 mixing bowls comes is designed to make food preparation easier. The set has four differently sized bowls; 1 cup or 8 oz, 2 cups or 16 oz, 3 cups or 24 oz and 4 cups or 32 oz. These bowls are not very large but they are adequately for many mixing tasks.

The plastic covers that come with these bowls are transparent which makes for ease of identification of contents. These bowls would come in handy when you want to make different colors of icing. They also allow you to store your leftovers after use.

The KitchenAid Prep Bowls are made from lightweight yet durable plastic. They are easy to store because of the nesting design.

Furthermore, they are dishwasher safe which makes clean up after use easier.

These bowls are not only useful for your cake making/decorating, but also for food prep and storage.

Click here to buy the KitchenAid Prep Bowls with Lids, Set of 4.


Stoneware Mixing Bowl

The Pioneer Woman 3-Piece, Cornucopia Mixing Bowl Set

AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set

The Pioneer Woman Mixing Bowl Set is a ceramic set that comes with beautifully embossed designs. These bowls are both functional and versatile. You can use them for a number of tasks as you bake and decorate your cakes. They also come in handy for food prep and service.

The rustic beauty of these bowls allows them to fit into most kitchen designs. Not only are these bowls aesthetically pleasing, they also fit into each other for space efficiency.

Furthermore, they are dishwasher and microwave safe. This enhances the ease of use of the bowls.

Do you want to add that rustic look to your kitchen collection? Then click here to buy the Pioneer Woman 3-Piece, Cornucopia Mixing Bowl Set.


Polypropylene Mixing Bowl

Gourmet Home Products 12 Piece Mixing Bowl

AVACRAFT Mixing Bowls

The Gourmet Home Products 12 Piece Mixing Bowl is made of long lasting non toxic polypropylene material. It is ideal for most of your mixing needs as you bake and decorate your cakes and baked goods. These bowls are also useful for food preparation and storing leftover icing or ingredients.

This Gourmet Home Products Mixing Bowl comes in six exciting colors and they are identified by the color of the largest bowl.

Each of the bowls in this set comes with an airtight lid. This helps to keep whatever you store in them fresh until you whenever you need them.

The nesting design means that you don’t have to look for space to store six bowls. You only need a narrow space (as wide as the largest bowl) to stack them.

Additionally, these bowls can be used to serve or a to-go packs for fruits, salads or snacks. More so, they are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Click here to buy the Gourmet Home Products 12 Piece Mixing Bowl.


Table of Comparison

Before we say a final word, let us do a quick recap of all the products mentioned in this review.


AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set Glokers Mini 3.5 Inch Glass Bowls


KitchenAid Prep Bowls with Lids, Set of 4


The Pioneer Woman 3-Piece, Cornucopia Mixing Bowl Set



Gourmet Home Products 12 Piece Mixing Bowl


CategoryStainless Steel Mixing BowlMini Glass Mixing BowlPlastic Mixing BowlStoneware/Ceramic Mixing BowlPolypropylene Mixing Bowl
No in Set312436
Size of Bowls1.5 quart,3 quart and 5 quart4 oz  (liquid 0.125 quarts)1-cup (8 oz), 2-cup (16 oz), 3-cup (24 oz) and 4-cup (32 oz)7 inches, 8.5 inches and 10 inches bowls0.32 QT, 0.74 QT, 1.37 QT, 2.22 QT, 3.69 QT and  5.8 QT
ColorSilverClearAvailable in 4 colors and a set with different colors of bowlsMulti coloredEach set comes in assorted colors. The Sets are Identified by the Color o the Largest Bowl
Material18/10 Stainless SteelGlassPlasticStonepolypropylene
Extra Features Silicone handles, measurement markings, airtight lids   and Pour spoutBulk PackLimited 2-Year Warranty on glassware and  1-Limited Warranty the lids and accessoriesEmbossed designsBPA free materials
Product Dimensions10 x 10 x 6 inches6.6 xNot Specified6.6 x 3.6 inchesNot Specified12 x 12 x 5.2 inches
ManufacturerAVACRAFTGlokersKitchenAidThe Pioneer WomanGourmet Home Products



We took our time to research the AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set and to also write this complete review. Thank you for reading to the end and hope that you have garnered enough information to make an informed decision.

One thing we’ve discovered is that brand name is a strong factor that affects the price of any product. We explored the  many features  this product in the course of our research and can conclusively say that it is reasonably priced.

We think that high end products with similar features would cost much more. One word here though; we didn’t find many products with the same features with as many positive reviews.

That said we believe that the decision is yours as to whether this is what you really want in a mixing bowl set or not.

Click here to buy the AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set.



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