Cake Stencils –Create Stunning Effects

What are cake stencils?

Cake stencils are templates that are used to create stunning and exceptional designs on cakes. The art of stenciling though it appears complex is quite easy and effective. It is an age old technique cake decorators have relied upon to bring satisfaction to many.

There are lots of effects that can be created with stencils using different media. From cake paints, to gel color, luster dust or plain icing sugar or cocoa; your choice would depend on the effect you intend to create.

 Types of Cake Stencils

Cake stencils are mostly made of acrylic but there’s the more recent innovation which is the silk screen mesh stencils. One great thing about cake stencils (both mesh and acrylic stencils) is that they are readily available in specialty stores. But before we discuss the different ways you can use cake stencils, let’s quickly look at acrylic versus mesh cake stencils.

Acrylic Cake Stencils

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Acrylic cake stencils are made of a type of plastic but are flexible enough to be placed on cake. Although you can create wonderful designs with them, they do not have the fine details that mesh stencils have. However, one great  advantage of acrylic cake stencils is that you can make your own design.

With a pack of acrylic stencil sheet, a stencil burner and a good tutorial, you can create your unique design. But if you don’t have the time or inclination there are a lot of acrylic cake stencils online.

Mesh Cake Stencils

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Mesh cake stencils are made from food grade mesh materials. They  have finer details than acrylic cake stencils and are usually more flexible. This makes it easier to wrap them tightly on round cakes when using them.

The mesh materials make for more intricate designs and are perfect to use with royal icing. What’s more?  You can achieve that edible lace effect without the use of an edible lace mat.

Although acrylic cake stencils are more popular, mesh cake stencils are also readily available online or offline.

Different Techniques for Using Cake Stencils 

There’s a whole world of possibilities with cake stencils. You can work with them using gel paint, royal icing, airbrushing, luster dust and even piping gel!

Here we’ll share just 5 techniques that are sure to help you create eye catching designs on your cake.

Using cake stencils with colored edible dust

Using edible dust for cake stenciling is pretty much like coloring by numbers. First you mix the colored dust with edible spirit to achieve a paste; make sure that the consistency is right. After that, place your cake stencil on the cake and paint the patterns on the stencil.

Finally, ensure that every detail in the stencil is covered before lifting it off the cake. Some cake decorators have been known to go over the first step with dab of dry luster powder. This gives it a different effect from if you had just stopped at painting. Other decorators on the other hand just use only the dry edible dust.

Stenciling with royal icing

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Stenciling with royal icing works very well on fondant covered cakes; you can use this technique by following these simple steps:-

(i) First ensure that your royal icing consistency is right. If you don’t have a royal icing recipe, you can always download one online. Or you can buy already made royal icing mix.

(ii) After that , you place your cake stencil on the cake and secure firmly with pins or adhesive tape; make sure that the stencil would not move.

(iii) Next use an offset spatula to apply the icing from one end of the design to the other.

(iv) Make sure that you cover all the details on the stencil with the icing. After this, use a scraper  to remove excess icing from one end to the other. Also ensure that you leave a fine layer of icing; if the icing is too thick you’ll not get a fine imprint on your cake.

(v) Finally, lift off the stencil from the cake. You might want to add the effect of dry luster powder on the design. All you need to do is apply the luster powder while the stencil is still on the cake before lifting it off.

Airbrushing with cake stencils

You can use this technique of airbrushing with cake stencils on any type of cake surface but the best is a fondant covered cake. Below are the simple steps to follow:-

(i) First place your stencil on the cake and secure firmly with pins or adhesive tape. After that, cover the other parts of the cake so that the spray doesn’t stain the part you aren’t working on.

(ii)  Keep  you airbrush gun at about eighteen inches away from the cake and spray. If you want your colors to be deeper and more intense, you would need to spray more than twice.

(iii) Remember to allow for one or two minutes intervals to allow the previous spray to dry. Also be careful when spraying so that it won’t be too heavy because this would make the paint drip and spoil your work.

For those who do not have an airbrush gun/machine, this technique can be done with a luster spray.  Just follow the steps outlined earlier. Do not forget that airbrushed cakes have to be handled with care to avoid smudging. This is even more so for luster sprays.

 Using Mesh stencils with metallic colors

In case you don’t want to use royal icing for your mesh stencil, you can use metallic colors. First, you mix your metallic color with vodka or edible spirit just as you would for airbrushing.Then you mix in some piping gel to form a paste. With this paste, follow the same procedure as for royal icing and voila! A stunning metallic finish to your cake.

Stenciling with food coloring

The procedure for stenciling with food coloring is basically the same with the above. The only difference here is the medium which is food coloring. When using food coloring, you have to be careful not to allow the color to drip. This would happen if the consistency of the color is too thin.

For this method, you can either use a blush brush or small foam to apply the paint/color. As with every other method, ensure that you go over every detail of the stencil with the paint; leave no surface uncovered.

Some of these techniques may appear to be the same but trust us when we tell you that the results are not the same. So in case you see a cake picture online that you want to reproduce, ensure that you check out which method and tools were used.

This would determine the effect you’ll get on your cake. This is especially for those who  want to reproduce an exact replica. But for the adventurous decorator, you can always play around with different methods and tools to create your own unique style.

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Common Mistakes People Make When Working With  Cake Stencils

We know that not all cake decorators have the privilege of formal training. Many have had to learn through trial and error and a lot of experimentation. While life is all about learning from our mistakes, there are some mistakes that can be prevented by learning from others.

Here we’ll share some of these mistakes and how to avoid them. If you’ve already made the mistakes, hopefully there are ways to correct them. Some of these mistakes include:

Using the wrong size of stencil

A common mistake is buying a cake stencil that’s not the same size with the cake to be decorated.If you want to decorate a cake that’s 6 inches high, then you need a 6 inch cake stencil. A 4 inch or 8 inch cake stencil would be awkward for you to use. In addition to the awkwardness,  you might not get the effect you are looking for.

Not placing the stencil securely on the cake surface

Unless you are a pro in cake stenciling, it’s difficult to hold the stencil and apply the medium at the same time.One or both of the procedures would suffer. It’s either your stencil would shift away from position or your medium would smear/smudge.

Lifting off the stencil the wrong way

When you pull off the stencil haphazardly, you end up with blotched patterns.

Not scraping off enough icing or scraping off too much

Some people make the mistake of layering on so much icing and not scraping it off. While others make the mistake of scraping off so much icing. Either way the result wouldn’t be nice.

Laying on too heavily or not enough with paint

Same as with 4 above, the medium used for the stencil has to be layered on just so.


Tips for Getting the Perfect Finish With Cake Stencils 

The following are the tips that would ensure that you get the perfect effect that you want on your cake with cake stencils:-

Make sure that your fondant covered cake is set and dry

The first thing to do when stenciling a cake is to allow the fondant covered cake to set and dry. This would allow you to place the stencil without fear of denting the cake. It would also allow the medium to stick properly. By medium we mean, the royal icing, cake paint, gel or luster dust.

Buy the right size of stencil for your cake

Always buy the right size of stencil for your cake!

Peradventure you already have a cake stencil that isn’t the same size with your cake here’s what to do. Find a stand that would help elevate your cake; especially if your turntable doesn’t do the trick. This would help you to align the stencil better than if it isn’t elevated.

If you are yet to buy your stencils, factor in the heights of the majority of your cakes.

Secure your stencil to the cake

When you place your cake stencil on the cake, secure them with pins or adhesive tape. Always ensure that the adhesive tape would not smear or pull off your fondant. You can do this by testing it out on an inconspicuous part of your cake.

Always allow pattern on one side to dry before doing the next one

This would help you avoid smudging or smearing the previous pattern.

Wash your stencil between use

If you’re doing a repetitive pattern, it is a good idea to wash your cake stencil after each use. Rinse out the stencil with warm water and dab with a kitchen towel. Be careful not to scrub as this would tear the delicate patterns of the stencil.

Scrap off your medium properly

When you lay on your icing or whatever medium you are using, make sure it covers all the design. Then scrap off properly to achieve a fine layer of design.Ensure that you have fully covered all the little/intricate patterns and designs before scraping off the medium. Failure to do so would give you incomplete designs.

Apply medium correctly

If you are using paint/food coloring, do not apply too heavily. Heavy application can lead to blotched or blurry designs.Also ensure that your color has the right consistency to avoid dripping on the cake.

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Tools for a Perfect Cake Stencil Decoration

It has been said that a workman is only as good as his tools.  The first step to getting a perfectly stenciled cake is having the right tools. You do not need too much tools, just these basic things:

Different designs of cake stencils

You know you can always start with one cake stencil, but buying a set is more cost effective. If you are a hands on person, you can even create your own stencils.

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Adhesive tape

This would come in handy for holding the stencils securely on the cake. You can also use sewing pins with head or acupuncture pins.

An offset spatula

This is useful for spreading the icing properly on the stencil.

A metal scraper or ruler

This is very useful for removing excess icing.

Different types and sizes of brush

This is especially useful in cases where  you’re using food coloring or edible paint.


These have to be handy for cleaning up some smudges especially with royal icing.

A Good Turntable

This is actually a basic tool for any cake decorator. It  makes your decorating less stressful. You don’t have to keep turning around to get round your cake; let the turntable do the work.

Good Quality Medium 

This  (royal icing, edible luster dust, food coloring or gel paste) is not actually a tool but an ingredient. Howbeit, it is at the top of what you should get right for a perfectly stenciled cake.

Finally… Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff When Working With Cake Stencils

Bet some of you have seen cake pictures online that left you gaping; we sure have. These pictures can sometimes be an inspiration but also intimidating. One is often tempted to ask ‘how can I ever achieve such perfection?

Let’s let you into a secret. A good number of those cakes are glossed up (made picture perfect) with all the wonderful technology at our disposal. Do you know that even the best of the best do have some little imperfections on their cake?

As you foray into the possibilities presented by cake stencils, go with realistic expectations. It would be foolhardy for you to expect your first attempt to be flawless.

As with everything in life, all that’s required is your best. Have an eye for details; be diligent and patient to get it right. Consistently  give your best and you’ll  one day  also post  pictures of perfectly stenciled cakes (they might have flaws, but no one would notice).

Click here to read our article on cake stenciling molds for more information on this subject . 

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Cake Stencils – FAQs

How Do You Make Cake Stencils?

Making your own cake stencils is quite easy; all you need are the following:-

Cutting mat steel ruler, craft knife(x-acto and small craft knife with swivel blade), masking tape, stencil sheets and the design templates.

When you have gathered these items, place the design template on the stencil sheet then use the masking tape to stick them together. After that, use your craft knives to cut out the design onto the stencil sheet.

You can print out your designs or draw them by yourself. But we must warm that DIY stencils are best simple designs. Making complicated designs of stencils by yourself might prove not to be worth your while (that is when you consider the time and energy spent and result gotten in relation to the cost of already made cake stencils).

Can You Use Regular Stencils On Cakes?

You can use any kind of stencil on your cake. Understand that stencil is any piece of plastic or mesh that has designs that can be transferred onto a cake. So once a stencil can fit on the surface of your cake or can be wrapped around the cake, it can be used to decorate the cake.

That being said however, note that any stencil you decide to use for cake decoration must be strictly for cake decoration or other edible arts. You should not at any point use the same stencil for cake decoration and any other crafts that is not food related.

Can You Stencil On Buttercream Cake?

Cake stencils can be used on buttercream cakes and cakes made with any type of frosting. The only thing is that the medium used for each frosting may differ.

When using stencil on a buttercream cake, you have to ensure that the buttercream has crusted a little bit. This means that you can touch the surface of the icing lightly without making a dent. Then you place your stencil on it and use the medium desired to get the design onto the cake.

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