Fondant Decorating Tools-Next Level!

Why Are Fondant Decorating Tools Important? 

Fondant decorating tools are important because fondant  is one of the decorating medium that turns out beautifully decorated cakes. However it takes the appropriate  tools for you to get it right.

There are myriads of fondant decorating tools; so much so that one might get confused as to which ones to use. We have put together this list so that you would know what you need as you start out decorating with fondant.

Basic Fondant Decorating Tools

Fondant decorating tools kit
Fondant Decorating Tools

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There are basic tools that you can’t do without as you start decorating with fondant. Some of these tools include: rolling pin, rolling mat, cutting wheel or knife and fondant smoother.

We would not spend too much time explaining these basic tools because we’ve discussed them in a previous article. Click here to read it 
However, we would give you a  brief summary on them:-

Brief Summary on Basic Fondant Decorating Tools

in this segment, we would briefly discuss the following basic fondant decorating tools:-

Rolling Pins 

Rolling pins are used to roll out the fondant on a rolling mat.

Fondant rolling pins are specially designed to roll out fondant smoothly. Most fondant rolling pins have measurement rings; these rings help the rolling pin to roll out the fondant to the required thickness.

Rolling Mat 

The best kinds of rolling mat for fondant are those that have measurement. These help you to get the right circumference of fondant to cover your cake.

Fondant Smoother 

Fondant smoother is used to smooth out fondant as you roll it out or when you have covered the cake.

When you’ve rolled out your fondant to the right thickness and circumference, you cover your cake with it. After this you smooth out the fondant on the cake starting from the top.

Cutting Wheel

A cutting wheel comes in handy when covering a cake with fondant. The final step of covering a cake with fondant is to trim off the excess fondant with a cutting wheel or knife.

With these basic fondant decorating tools you’ll have a perfectly fondant covered cake.

Advanced Fondant Decorating Tools

Advanced fondant decorating tools help you go to the next level of your cake decorating venture.

After you have used the basic fondant decorating tools to get your cake covered, you’ll need more tools to embellish the cake.

Below are  some advanced fondant decorating tools that you can use for additional embellishment of your cake:-

Fondant Quilt Pattern Roller

These are rolling pins but they are not smooth like the regular fondant rolling pins. They have quilt designs imprinted on them so that when rolled over fondant the design is transferred to the fondant.

You can use this type of rolling pin to roll out the fondant for covering the cake. This gives the entire cake a quilted effect. Sometimes you can also use the quilt pattern rolling pin to roll out strips and ribbons for cake borders and other accents.

There are several designs of patterned rolling pins and each produces a different effect. With a patterned rolling pin, you might not need to use so many accents to decorate your cake. So this is a good time and emerging saving fondant decorating tool.

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Fondant Pattern Embossers 

Fondant pattern embossers are tools that are used to imprint designs on cakes. These embossers come in different materials, designs and styles. There are embosser stamps, embosser mats, embosser rollers and embosser templates.

Fondant Embosser Stamps

Embosser stamps can be used to imprint different patterns on your cake and even create messages. If you have difficulty piping designs free hand, you can use an embosser stamp to create an imprint. When you’ve stamped on an imprint, you can then pipe over the imprint.

There are several ways of using an embosser stamp. You can either use it to just stamp designs on a fondant cover cake or use it as a guide for piping.Alphabet Letter Number Cookie Mould Press Stamp Embosser Cutter Fondant Mould zsjhtc


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Fondant Embosser Mats

Embosser mats are rolling mats that have designs on them; these designs are transferred to fondant in the process of rolling it out.
There are different sizes of embosser mats; each size adequate for rolling out fondant for different size of cakes.

Embosser mats are used with plain rolling pins. You can use them to roll out fondant for covering a whole cake; they can also be used to roll out fondant for cut outs and other designs.
This versatile fondant decorating tool is a useful accessory in any cake decorator’s arsenal.Gobaker Imprint Mat Set Gumpaste Flower deisgn Press Mold Fondant Cake Embosser for Cupcake Top Decoration


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Fondant Embosser Rollers

An embosser roller is a roller that has designs on the body. It’s designed just like a rolling paint brush. When you run the embosser roller over your rolled out fondant, the design on the embosser is transferred to the fondant.

You can use the embosser roller to imprint designs on a strip of fondant or a whole circumference of fondant. This is a very simple way of getting beautiful designs onto your fondant.Wilton 1907-1354 Pattern Embosser, Quilt

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Fondant Embosser Templates

Fondant embosser templates are mostly made of plastic or acrylics. They are basically tools used to imprint designs on fondant. Most embosser templates are used directly on fondant covered cakes.

Effects achieved include basket weave, quilts, bricks and block patterns. There are many more effects that can be created with embosser templates. All you need is an embosser template and a good dose of imagination.

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All these embosser tools we discussed perform the same function but in different ways. And each design and style would be useful to different persons based on their preference.


Flower Shaping Bowls

Flower shaping bowls are small plastic bowls that are used to form fondant and gum paste flowers. This is a fondant decorating tool that’s an essential part o a flower making kit. They help to make the flowers look very realistic.

There are other designs of flower formers but these bowls are specially designed to accommodate large sized flowers.

We advise that you buy the other types of flower formers in addition to these ones. This is so that you would have tools for different kinds of flowers.kowanii Flower Fondant Forming Cups Drying holder, Gumpaste Dry Flower Sponge Mats Forming Shaping Mold Bowls, Sugarcraft Fondant Foam Pad Flower Former Set Cake Decorating Tools, 16 Pack


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Fondant Decorator Brush Sets

Anyone involved in any form of artistic endeavor knows that brushes are an important tool for any decorator.

These brushes come in different sizes and shapes and each serves a different purpose. The brushes with a kind of rounded bristles are best for dusting colors and such tasks. Brushes with straight tips are best for painting with edible food paint.

Each of these types come in different sizes; when painting delicate designs, you need tiny brushes. These are better than large brushes because they produce more delicate effects, if you use a large brush, you’ll end up with painting that’s too thick and would also waste your paint.

The brush strokes of an artist’s brush determine the kind of picture that evolves, so also the brush strokes on fondant determine how the cake would look. It is important to have a range of decorating brushes since you can’t use one brush for every decorating task.

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Fondant Cutters

These are tools that are used to make fondant cut outs. They come in different shapes and sizes and are made of plastic or metal. Fondant cutters are similar to cookie cutters; some decorators even use fondant cutters and cookie cutters interchangeably.

Fondant cutters give you a lot of ease in cake decoration and help you to save time and energy. Though they are simple tools, they can be used to create outstanding effects in a short time. This makes them versatile fondant decorating tools to have in your kitty.ShengHai Mini Cookie Cutter set – 24 Pieces Metal Fondant Cutters – 3 Hearts Shape, 3 Stars Shape, 3 Flowers Shape and 15 Geometric Shape

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Cake Steamer

In the process of rolling out fondant and covering a cake, there’ll be smudges, fingerprint and corn starch. A cake steamer is used to give the cake a perfect gloss and finish. It is also useful for gum paste flowers and other sugar craft items.

Some decorators use large countertop steamers but have discovered that this steams up the whole cake. Furthermore, it doesn’t work out well for gum paste flowers; you may not also have any control over the steam applied.

A cake steamer is a handheld appliance that affords you better control of the steam and where it is applied to. This has proven to be a better option than the counter top steamer.
Many cake decorators tend to avoid dusting with corn starch because of the white residue that’s left on the cake. With a cake steamer, you no longer have to avoid those techniques that require a lot of dusting with corn starch.PME CS502 Cake Steamer, US Plug, One Size, White


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Quick Tips on What to Look Out For When Shopping For Fondant Decorating Tools

Basic fondant decorating tools can be gotten in sets but when you need the advanced tools you might have to get them individually. There are some rules of thumb that apply to buying appliances of any kind including fondant decorating tools.

Some of these rules may seem obvious but for the avoidance of doubt, here are a few tips

Relevance and Functionality

There are so many fondant decorating tools in the market; they are churned out by the hundreds daily. There are also many tools that go by different names but actually perform the same function. So how do you avoid buying duplicate tools?

One sure way of ensuring that you don’t buy different tools that perform the same function is by reading reviews of the product. When you read several reviews on a product, you would know the best use for it and whether you really need it.

Another way of checking out whether you need a particular fondant decorating tool is by watching tutorials. When you watch a tutorial on a particular technique or effect you desire on a cake, you’ll get to see the tools used. You might find out that you already have the tools that were used in the tutorial.

Quality of Material Used For the Fondant Decorating Tool

Before you buy any fondant decorating tool, you have to ensure that they are made with top quality material. Bear in mind that you would be using your tools for edible stuff so they also have to be food safe.

If the fondant decorating tool is metal, it has to be made of food grade stainless steel. If it is low quality metal you stand the risk of getting tools that would rust.

Plastic tools also have to be made of food grade BPA free plastic to ensure its food safety.
The quality of the material also determines how long the tools would last. You wouldn’t want to keep replacing your tools often so it’s best to buy good quality tools from the get go.

Ease of Use of the Fondant Decorating Tool

Since there are many brands of fondant decorating tools, you can be sure that there would be many designs and styles. You are sure to get tools of different designs that perform the same function.

Some designs are easier to use than others but still produce the same effect with the complicated ones.

Unless you have other considerations, you would do well to buy the fondant decorating tools that are easier to use. Sometimes you wouldn’t know this by just looking at the tool; you might have to read reviews.

Another way of knowing whether a tool is easy to use is to watch videos of people using the tool.

Cost of the Fondant Decorating Tool and your Budget

Most times products are priced based on brand popularity and celebrity endorsement. For this reason, don’t base your assessment of the quality of a product on its price. Some expensive products are not really worth their price tag.

That said however, do not discountenance the fact that good quality products would cost a bit more than inferior ones. Do not base your choice of a fondant decorating tool on how cheap or expensive it is.

Be prepared to pay the price to get good quality tools that would enhance your cake decoration.

When making a choice do not just take the word of the advertiser, check out verified buyers review. This would give you an idea of whether the product is worth the price tag.

Before you go further we recommend that you take out some time to read the following articles: 


A cake decorator cannot have too many fondant decorating tools; the more the merrier. However, do not put yourself under any form of pressure to get every new fondant decorating tool that’s made.
With time and experience you’ll discover that you can improvise and still get the job done. Take your time, learn new techniques and buy the tools needed as you progress.Wilton"I Taught Myself To Decorate Cakes With Fondant


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Fondant Decorating Tools – FAQs 

What Tools Are Needed For Cake Decorating?

There are some basic tools that are needed for cake decorating and they include the following:-

(i) Cake turntable – This is used to hold your cake while you ice/decorate. It makes it easy for you to rotate the cake without having to move from where you are.

(ii) Serrated Knife or cake leveller – A serrated knife or cake leveller is used to level your cakes so that you can have even surface to work on. They are also useful for torting your cake (that is dividing a cake into several layers).

(iii) Cake spatula – This is a special type of knife that’s use to spread icing on a cake. Both sides of the blade of a cake spatula are blunt unlike a regular knife.

(iv) Cake icing scraper – This tool is used to smooth out icing on a cake.

(v) Cake board – A cake board is used to place a cake for icing and decorating. It also comes in handy for presenting the finished cake.

Cake piping bags, couplers and nozzles – These are the tools used for adding decorations to a cake or other baked goods.

You can churn out beautiful cakes with these basic tools. But if you want to take your cake decorating to the next level, then you need more advanced tools. Check out the above article on fondant decorating tools.

How Easy Is It To Decorate A Cake At Home?

Decorating a cake at home is as easy as ABC.

However, the ease with which you can decorate a cake at home depends on certain factors and they include the following:-

(i) Skill level of the decorator – The level of skill that a decorator has would determine how easy it is to decorate a cake at home. Thankfully, there are many resources both online and offline that would help you improve your skills. Check out our articles in this category for more details;

(ii) Available tools – The tools you have at your disposal would also determine how easy it would be for you to decorate a cake at home. Therefore if you want to easily decorate a cake at home ensure that you have the basic cake decorating tools. Also make sure that those tools are of good quality.


fondant decorating tools
best cake decorating kit
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What Are The Best Cake Decorating Tools?

The best cake decorating tools are the ones that help you achieve the results that you want in cake decorating.

There are several criteria that must be met before a cake decorating tool can be said to be the best. Some of these criteria include the following:-

(i) Ease of the use:- The best cake decorating tool is one that is easy to use. You should note your skill level and find cake decorating tools that are easy for you to use. It would not do you any good to get tools that have steep learning curves.

(ii) Ease of cleaning – Cake decorating tools that are easy to clean are usually a joy to work with. But if you buy a tool set that’s hard to clean you would always be frustrated after each use.

(iii) Durability – The durability of a product is one factor that determines its value. Before you decide that a cake decorating tool is the best for you, read reviews to find out how long it lasts.

(iv) Quality – The quality of a product is the primary factor that determines how long a product would last. In addition to that, the quality of the product would also determine how easy it is to use and clean.

How Can I Decorate A Cake At Home Without Cream?

There are many ways that you decorate a cake at home without cream. All you need is a bit of imagination and ingenuity. Here are some tips on what you can do:-

(i) Place a stencil over the cake and sprinkle icing sugar on it then remove the stencil. The design on the stencil would be transferred to the cake.

(ii) Arrange some fresh fruits on the cake.

(iii) Slather some royal icing on the cake and cover with sprinkles.

(iv) Drizzle the cake with chocolate, glaze or syrup.

These are just ideas to help jumpstart your imagination.

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