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Frequently Asked Questions About Stand Mixers- 3 Questions Answered

There are many frequently asked questions about stand mixers.Since we cannot answer all of them in one piece, this post would tackle 3 questions.  The questions that we would answer are as follows:- Is a stand mixer worth it? How do I choose a stand mixer? Is tilt head head better than bowl lift?

We would answer these questions in very simple terms. This would give you the basic knowledge you need about stand mixers. This in turn would help you get the best stand mixer for your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stand Mixers –Is A Stand Mixer Worth It?

We can categorically say that a stand mixer is well worth it. And there are several reasons why this is so. Some of these reasons are as follows:-

(i) Ease of use and convenience – stand mixers are very easy to use and it affords that user a great deal of convenience. You do not have to hold a stand mixer while using it.

(ii) Versatility – A stand mixer is very versatile because it enables multitasking. Due to the fact that you do not have to hold the mixer while in use it frees you to do other things while waiting for your ingredients to mix.

(iii) Functionality– stand mixers are more functional than hand mixers. You can use a stand mixer to do so many things that a hand mixer cannot be used for.

(iv) Durability – stand mixers are hardier than hand mixers. For this reason, they last far longer than hand mixers.

These are just a few reasons why stand mixers are worth having. If you do a lot of baking or make recipes that require heavy duty mixing then you sure need a stand mixer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stand Mixers
stand mixer and attachments
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Frequently Asked Questions About Stand Mixers – How Do I Choose A Stand Mixer?

There are a number of factors that one should consider when choosing a stand mixer. Some of these factors include the following:-


The capacity of a stand mixer determines what you can make with the mixer. If you love to make recipes that require dough mixtures, then you have to ensure that the mixer is one that is strong enough to mix dough.

Stand mixers have different capacities and recipes that they are best suited for.

One sure way of ascertaining the capacity of a stand mixer apart from the product description is reading reviews of verified buyers. This would give you a fair picture of what the mixer can do and how well it performs.


The attachments included with purchase of the mixer also determine what you can do with the mixer. The most common attachments that come with most stand mixers are:-  dough hook, wire whip and flat beater.

The dough hook is used to mix dough and other such like recipes, the wire whip is used to whisk eggs, make meringue or whipped cream while the flat beater is used to mix batter. These are the essential attachments that a stand mixer should have.

There are some other products that have additional attachments that you can purchase separately. One of such products is the KitchenAid KP26M1XES Professional 600 Series Stand Mixer. This is a great product for consummate chefs or those aspiring to experiment with more recipes.

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Attachments of a stand mixer
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Speed Setting

A good stand mixer should have a slow start speed that would allow you to mix in ingredients such as flours and icing sugar. On the other hand, it should also have a speed setting that’s fast enough to whip up a great batch of meringue. Then finally a medium speed for every other recipe in between. So this brings the minimum speed level that is acceptable to 3 speed levels/setting.

That said however, most stand mixers have more than 3 speed settings. In fact some even have as many as 12 speed settings. If you are just a regular homemaker that does not do so much baking or cooking that requires mixing, a mixer with 3 speed settings would do. But for those who do a lot of baking and experimenting in the kitchen, you should consider a stand mixer with more speed settings.


The sturdier a stand mixer is the better it is for the user. A sturdy mixer would stay stable on the countertop when it is in operation. But one that is lightweight has the higher likelihood to wobble around when it is in use.

Dough recipes and other recipes that have thick consistencies would do better in a stand mixer than in a hand mixer.  So consider the recipes you make most that would determine the type of mixer to buy.


If you are concerned about the décor of your kitchen, then you need to look out for the design and color of the mixer you want to buy. This is important because your stand mixer would most probably have  a permanent place on your countertop.

Consider a stand mixer that would not clash with your Kitchen décor. KitchenAid has an advantage in this regard because it has a wide range of color that you can choose from. This means that you do not have to sacrifice features for aesthetics.


The price of whatever stand mixer that you choose to buy should be commensurate to the value that you expect to get from it. Always bear in mind that you get what you pay for; do not jump at every cheap offer. Do you due diligence so that you would not have buyer’s regret after making a purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Stand Mixers – Is Tilt Head Better Than Bowl Head?

What Is Tilt Head Design In A Stand Mixer?

A tilt head design entails that you unlock the head of the stand mixer before lifting it off and then locking it before you can use it. There are  some designs where the head of the mixer tilts at the point where the head is joined to the stand. Some designs on the other hand tilt from the middle of the stand instead of from the point where the head is joined to the stand.

A tilt head design in a stand mixer makes it easy for you to attach and detach the attachments of the mixer. It also allows you to easily scrap and mix the contents of your mixing bowl while it is in use and add ingredients too.

The KitchenAid KSM150PSBX Artisan Series 5-Qt. Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield is a great tilt head stand mixer.

What Is A Bowl Lift Design In A Stand Mixer? 

A bowl lift design is one where the stand mixer has its head fixed. The bowl can be adjusted by cranking the two clamps on either side of the stand. When you want to remove the attachment of the mixer, you lower the bowl and when you want to mix the ingredients in the mixing bowl, you crank it up.

This design is usually found in sturdier mixers and these models are more stable than the tilt head designs. The KitchenAid KSM8990NP 8-Quart Commercial Countertop Mixer is a good example of a bowl lift stand mixer.

 Which Is Better; The Tilt Head Or The Bowl Lift ? 

We would not attempt to tell you that one design is better than the other but we would give you a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of both designs. We believe that this would help you decide which design is best for you.

Advantages Of A Tilt Head Design

The following are the advantages of a tilt head design in a stand mixer:-

(i) Attaching, changing or removing attachments is easier in tilt head designs that in bowl lift design.

(ii) You can easily remove cake batter  and other mixtures from attachment without removing it from the head.

(iii) Tilt designs are not as tall as bowl lift designs therefore they are more easily stored in cabinets than bowl lift designs.

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Tilt head design stand mixer
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Disadvantages of A Tilt Head Design

One of the major disadvantages of a tilt head design in a stand mixer is as follows: – The head of a stand mixer with tilt design is prone to unusual vibration due to the hinge design of the head of the stand mixer.

Another disadvantage is that the pin that holds the hinges can fall off causing the head of the stand mixer to be unstable especially when used for heavy batter or dough mixtures.

Advantages Of A Bowl Lift Design

The following are the advantages of a bowl lift design:-

(i) The major advantage of a bowl lift design is that it is sturdier and steadier to use. This is because it comes with a strong motor that cannot practically be used in a tilt head design.

(ii) It is more suited for heavy batters, dough and such like mixtures. This is due to the fact that most bowl lift stand mixers come with very strong motors with powerful torque.

Disadvantages of A Bowl Lift Design

The following are the disadvantages of a bowl lift design stand mixer:-

(i) It is awkward to attach, remove or change attachments.

(ii) Bowl lift designs are usually taller than tilt head designs and need more vertical space for storage.

The above points provide basis for you to decide which design of stand mixer is better for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stand Mixers
Bowl lift stand mixer
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We know that these 3 questions are not the only query that you might have about stand mixers. There are a lot more frequently asked questions about stand mixers.

However, we believe that this piece has gone a long way to give you basic enlightenment about stand mixers.

Here’s a product review that would also help you find out more about stand mixers.