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Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor – A Complete Review

Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor – A Complete Review

The Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor is an awesome kitchen appliance. It is fast and  easy to use.  This  versatile tool  enables you to dice, crinkle, shred and slice or puree your fruits, veggies and nuts very fast. With this Hamilton Beach Food Processor you are assured of quick food preparation at all times.

This food processor is part of the Hamilton Beach Kitchen appliance line that’s been developed to make life easier for the user. It comes in handy whether you are preparing a side dish for two or a full meal for a family. Furthermore it also makes it easy for you to add herbs, nuts, fruits and such ingredients to your baked goods recipe.

One great thing about this food processor is that it is reasonably priced; you don’t have to break the bank to buy it! You can include it in your arsenal of cake mixing tools; in fact you are advised to do so. You’ll be glad you did!


Brand Profile

A number of people are usually concerned about the reputation of the brand that made a product. We can’t really blame those folks because that’s an important factor to consider when checking out a product.

The Hamilton Beach brand has built a strong reputation over the years. It has also become a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen appliance industry.

Hamilton Beach develops all its products based on its catch phrase ethos “where Good Thinking® and good value intersect” This compels them to make thoughtful products that are geared towards providing ultimate customer satisfaction.

This company’s best known brands include Hamilton Beach®, Proctor Silex® , Eclectrics®and TrueAir®. Products with this brand stamps can be found in many household in America, Mexico and Canada.

These products span a wide range of food mixers, meat grinders, juice extractors and even floor polishers and fans. Since the establishment of Hamilton Beach in 1910 till date, it has endeavored maintain a high standard in its products.

This high standard is reflected in the Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor that we are reviewing today.


Features of the Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor

Hamilton Beach Features

The Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor comes loaded with many great features. These features include the following:-


10 Cup Capacity Work Bowl

This work bowl is just right for preparing ingredients without having to empty the bowl continuously. It is large enough to suit the food prep needs of a family and small enough to prepare dinner for two.

Powerful 525 Watt Motor with 2 Speed Options and Pulse Feature

The Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor is powered by a 525 watt motor that has two speed settings and a pulse function.  This enables you to use the food processor for various culinary tasks without straining the motor.

6 Food Processing Functions

There are 6 varieties of tasks that you can carry out with the Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor. You can chop, coarse shred, fine shred, crinkle cut, slice and puree with this food processor.


This Hamilton Beach Food Processor comes with useful attachments. They are 2 reversible slicing or shredding discs and a stainless steel chopping blade.

You can use the two reversible disks to coarsely shred or fine shred, slice and crinkle cut your fruits and veggies. Additionally, the chopping blade can also be used to mix or mince ingredients and chop nuts.

Large feed chute

Hamilton Beach Food Processor Feed Chute

This large feed chute allows you to fit in whole block of cheese and some other ingredients without first cutting them up.

Food Pusher

The food pusher provides a safety measure that allows you to safely feed ingredients into the food processor.

Dishwasher Safe

The bowl, cover, discs and blades are dishwasher safe; this makes clean up a breeze.

BPA free Materials

All the parts that come in contact with food are made with BPA free materials. This is also another safety measure that ensures that your product is safe for food preparation.


Does this look like a product that fits your specification? Then click here to buy the Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor.


Benefits of the Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor


Convenience and Speed

The Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor operates very fast.  It cuts off over 75%. of time spent preparing ingredients by hand. This speed in addition to some other features makes this food processor quite convenient to use.

Time and Energy Saving

Following from the speed of this food processor, user gets to save a lot of time and energy. This means that you get to do more with less energy in a shorter period of time.


The Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor enables you to introduce a lot of variety into your meals. It is useful for those with children or family that don’t like eating veggies or fruits. You can use the machine try out a lot of recipes that would make these ingredients interesting.

Similarly, this machine would help bakers add variety to their recipes too.  You can now easily add those nuts or fruits to your cake or baked goods recipe.

Evenly Cooked Meals

Every good chef/baker knows that precise cuts of ingredients make for even cooking. And even cooking enhances the taste and flavors of your end product.  The Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor would help you achieve precise cuts at all times leading to evenly cooked meals.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

This food processor is easy to use because it doesn’t have complicated buttons. All you need to do is add your ingredients and turn the control dial to process. More important also is the fact that it isn’t difficult to clean up the machine after use. This is because the parts are dishwasher safe.

Value for Money

The Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor is reasonably priced and delivers value for your money. The benefits you get from this appliance is well worth the price paid for it.

If you want o enjoy these benefits, click here to buy the Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor.


Demerits of the Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor

There are some features of the Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor that we wish were better. Some of these features include the following:-

Noisy Motor

The Motor of this Hamilton Beach Food Processor is quite noisy.  This is off putting because one cannot carry out a decent conversation when using it. This wouldn’t also work for folks who love to listen to the radio or some audio books while cooking.

Messy Operation

The design of the chopping blade lends it to a messy operation. When you add flour to the unit it spills under the bowl. Although the food processor would still mix up dough recipes but it’s usually messy.

Feeding Chute is not as Large as Expected

Although the feed chute is large enough to accommodate whole block of cheese, it isn’t large enough for some fruits and veggies. You have to cut up things like bell peppers before you can feed them into the food processor.  This somewhat restricts one to some particular cuts and slices of ingredients.

Lid Does not Sit Tightly on The Bowl

The lid of the work bowl does not sit tightly when you cover the bowl. This means that you cannot easily use this unit for liquid ingredients. You have to find a means of preventing the liquid from spilling all over your work space.


What Are Customers Saying About The Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor?

There are over a thousand reviews on the Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor. A very high percentage of these reviews were positive. However there were customers who were not too pleased with this product.

We would give you a summary of some opinions of verified buyers of this product.

Positive Reviews

We Love the Speed of the Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor

Many customers expressed their delight at the speed at which this unit processes ingredients. It is amazing so much so that a couple expressed “fear” at the speed with which it operates.  A lot of customers rated this product high just because of its speed.

It Is A Capable Machine

This unit has been delivering on its promise to make prepping ingredients easier for users. Many customers are happy with the fact that they can prepare a variety of fruits and veggies in no time.  The unit has enabled many users to adopt healthy eating habits. The reason for this is that the food process is quite convenient and handy for meal preparation.

Time and Energy Saved is Highly Appreciated

Meal preparation even in large scale can be done in less than half an hour.  This was one major factor that earned the Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor a 5-star rating. In addition to this, the capacity of the work bowl also contributed to the 5-star rating.

What this means in essence is that this food processor is a time and energy saving device.

Negative Reviews

Noisy Operation

The noisy nature of the motor when in operation was one major sore point with many customers. They agree that the Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor is a great appliance but that the noise is worrisome.  This cost the product some few points.

Feeding Chute Size

The fact that one has to cut up ingredients like bell peppers made some customers knock off points for this food processor. This was because they said it limited the kind of cuts they could get from ingredients.  They would have loved to be able to feed their bell peppers and some other fruits and veggies whole into the food processor.

Food Particles Get Under the Bowl

Some customers removed a star or two from the product because of the design of the chopping blade in relation to the bowl.  Their reason was that ingredients such as flour always got underneath the work bowl. This added to clean up time because of the extra mess that was caused by spills and splatters.


Our Verdict

From all our research and findings on the Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor, we have come to the following conclusions:-

  1. The Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor is not a high end product but it is capable and works as advertised.
  2. It is not a professional heavy duty appliance. However, it does a great job of preparing fruits and vegetables, mixing and mincing ingredients and chopping up nuts.
  3. This Hamilton Beach Food Processor is fast and very handy for food preparation. It is also easy to use and easy to clean.
  4. It is a reasonably priced product that would give you value for money if you use it appropriately. What this means is that you should only use it for what it is meant for. It is not a smoothie maker and may not easily/conveniently work for liquid ingredients.


So in spite of the negatives, many customers are pleased with the Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor. However, we feel it would be better for you to know the pros and cons of this product before making a decision.

If you are convinced that this would suit your need, click here to buy the Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor.

For folks who would want to explore other alternatives before making a choice, sit tight and read on…


Alternatives to the Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor


High End Food Processor From the Same Brand

Hamilton Beach (70825) Professional Food Processor

Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor


The Hamilton Beach (70825) Professional Food Processor is an easy to assemble and use kitchen appliance.  Its stack and snap design allows you to stack the bowl directly on the base and snap it on. It doesn’t require any complicated positioning before locking in place.

This food processor comes with 5 attachments that enable you to slice, chop, shed, dice, knead and puree.  The touchpad control has function symbols that are easy to read which helps you remove the guess work when using it.

With a three in one Feed Chute, you can put in food of various sizes and shapes. The large feed chute allows you to feed whole fruits and vegetables without first cutting them up. When working with smaller food ingredients, the two smaller feed chutes come in handy. Furthermore, the food pusher helps to move the food into the processor without injury to your fingers.

The Hamilton Beach Professional Food Processor comes in a compact storage box. This storage box makes it easy for you to safely store the accessories and also access them whenever you need them.

Click here to buy the Hamilton Beach Professional Dicing Food Processor with 14-Cup BPA-Free Bowl (70825).


High End Food Processor From Another Brand

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor

Hamilton Beach Food processor

The Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor is a high end kitchen appliance that comes with 8 attachments.  These attachments give you a wide range of food processing options and also enhance your end results at all times.

Its 5.5 inch wide feeding chute allows you to feed whole fruits and vegetables into the processor without precutting them.  This means that you can get a wide variety of cuts and shapes.

The heavy induction motor of the Breville Sous Chef powers though even the most difficult of food preparation without strain.  This in addition to the 16 cup work bowl delivers the capacity for large scale food preparation.

With the multiple chute options, you can determine the kind of cut/shape that you want to achieve. The multidirectional timer also makes food prep easier for the user. You can set the timer to either count down or up.  When you preset it to countdown, the unit would stop working at the set time.

The LCD display also shows the time on the timer and enables you work with the time you have set.

Finally, this food processor is easy to store because of the design of the storage box. This design allows you to store the box vertically or horizontally depending on the type of storage space you have.

Click here to buy the Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor and start enjoying professional results.


Multi function Food Processor and Blender

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food Processor

Food processor and Blender

This Ninja Mega Kitchen System is both a food processor and blender, in addition to a smoothie maker. If you are looking for an all in one product, you might need to look no further.

The accessories included in this package include the following:-

72oz Total Crushing Pitcher

This is used to make frozen drinks and smoothies. It has the ability to crush ice into snow in a matter of seconds.

8 Cup Work Bowl

The work bowl has the capacity to make up to two pounds of dough in half a minute. You can also chop and process your ingredients within seconds.

Two Nutri Ninja Cups with Cover

These two 16oz cups allow you to make your health drinks and carry them with you. This is a very great feature for folks who are on the go.

Extra Features

Extra features of this product include BPA free and dishwasher safe parts and inspirational guide with 30 recipes.

Click here to buy the Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food Processor


Professional Food Processor

Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor

Hamilton Beach Food Processor


Everyone who cooks or bakes often knows the amount of preparation that goes into a good meal or baked good.

The Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor is a professional functional food processor that comes with variety of tools. These tools/attachments provide a higher level of convenience than most kitchen appliance.  They save you the hassles involved in using knives or other manual utensils.

This Braun Food Processor is made with German Engineering and has a motor rated 600 watts. In addition however, this motor has the ability to deliver as much as 900 watt motor power at its peak.

Furthermore, this motor though powerful is quiet and is energy efficient with low consumption of power.

The work bowl has a 12 cup capacity for dry ingredients and 9 cups capacity for wet ingredients.  Although this unit is a professional grade food processor, it is easy to assemble and also use.

Finally, this food processor is safe to use. The safety features include: – a processing bowl that locks onto the motor base and the processor would not start unless the cover is properly in place.

Click here to buy the Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor.


Table of Comparison

In summary of this review, here’s a table of comparison of the products discussed so far:-

Hamilton Beach (70670) Food ProcessorHamilton Beach (70825) Professional Food Processor Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor


Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food Processor


Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor
CategoryFood   ProcessorHigh End Food ProcessorSous Chef Food ProcessorMulti Function Food ProcessorProfessional Food Processor
Attachments2 reversible slicing/shredding discs and stainless-steel chopping blade5 Attachments8 Attachments72 oz Total crushing pitcher, Two 16 oz Nutri Ninja cups,7 Attachments Blades and chopper,  Juicer
Motor  Watt525 watt and 2 speed options with pulse functionNot specified1,200 watt1,500600 watt for processing and 110V For USA
ColorBlackGrayStainless steelBlackWhite
MaterialNot SpecifiedPlasticStainless  SteelPlastic18/8  steel
Capacity10 cups  work Bowl14 cups16 cup bowl and 2.5 cup bowl8 cups12 cup bowl
Extra FeaturesInternal Cord Storage , Extra fast operationFunction guide, 3-in- 1 large Feed Chute Heavy Duty Induction Motor , Multidirectional Timer, Multiple Chute Options


Inspirational guide with 30 recipesSafety Features
Product Dimensions9.72 x 7.84 x 15.12 in12 x 9.5 x 17 in10.25 x 8.43 x 15.47 in9.5 x 8.25 x 17.75 in14.9 x 11.3 x 15.4 in
ManufacturerHamilton BeachHamilton BeachBreville  SharkNinjaBraun


Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this review. We hope you have enjoyed reading this review as much as we enjoyed researching for it. Above all, we hope you have gained enough information  to help you make an informed decision.

Click here to buy the Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor.








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