How To Cover A Cake With Fondant

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Materials To Use To Cover A Cake With Fondant 

You need the right tools to successfully carry out any culinary or artistic endeavor. The same is true about successfully covering a cake with fondant. So we’ll give you a list of the right tools to use.

(i) Fondant – You can either make from scratch or buy ready to use fondant. Click here to check out some ready to use fondant on Amazon. 

(ii)Fondant rolling mat 

(iii) Rolling Pin

(iv)  Smoother 

(v) Acupuncture pins

(vi) Vegetable shortening and cornstarch

(vii) Cake leveler or bread knife

(viii) offset and straight spatula

((ix) Icing scrapper 30 Pcs Fondant Cake Decorating Sculpting Modeling Tools, Stylus Pottery Sculpting Modeling Tools Fondant Tools(10pcs are Random Color)

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Steps To How To Cover A Cake With Fondant

Covering a cake with fondant is as easy as 1,2,3,4 or not? It’s can be easy if you understand and follow the simple steps but frustrating if you don’t.

Step # 1

We assume you have already baked a delicious cake. So now, torte and fill the cake, then crumb coat.
This means that you level the cake and fill with buttercream or any filling of your choice. Then you frost the cake with buttercream or ganache.  Some decorators do one coating while others do two coatings.

This step would help to cover all the imperfections and make the surface of the cake smooth enough to be covered.
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Step # 2

Roll out enough fondant to cover the cake. Here’s how it works:- use a silicone mat or grease the top of your work surface with vegetable shortening. Then roll out the fondant.

Ensure that you roll out enough fondant to cover the entire cake. You can achieve this by measuring the cake from one end and across to the other end. That measurement would determine how wide the fondant should be.

Step #3

Gently lift the rolled fondant either with the rolling pin or both hands and drape over the cake. Then using a fondant smoother gently work out the air from the top of the cake and smooth out the fondant all over the cake.
Carefully cut off the excess.

Step #4

Use the fondant smoother to work all over the cake to get the perfect finish. The acupuncture pin is meant for air bubbles that may form on the fondant. You use it to puncture the bubbles to let the air out.


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This is the barest basics of how to cover a cake with fondant. There are so many tips and tricks that you can employ as you progress. You’ll also do well to read our article on preparing your cake for covering. Click here to read it.

Meanwhile, let’s leave you with two different videos that would help you immensely.












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