How To Make A Piñata Cake

So many people love piñata and a lot of celebrations now include them. This love has even led cake decorators to learn how to make a piñata cake.

Piñata originated from Mexico. Some historians say the original shape was conical with seven points while others say it was an object with ten points. Some others argue that is made in the shape of an animal.

It is typically made with papier-mâché, cloth or pottery and stuffed with candies or toys or whatever treats the celebrant loves. Then during the party, the participants are blindfolded and given sticks to beat the piñata and burst it open. The highlight of this activity is to reveal the treats inside the piñata.

There are so many arguments about the number of points that the original piñata shape had, or even the shape and symbolism of the piñata.

There’s so much myth surrounding the origin and symbolism of the piñata that one cannot say categorically that anyone of them is true.

Oh well, that was just a brief history lesson (fun facts). The thing is that nowadays piñata is just an object and activity that adds more fun to any party.  And the fun goes to a whole new level when you can take a bite out of the piñata!

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How To Make A Pinata Cake – Basic Principle

A piñata cake is one that has a hole hidden inside it with candies or other treats poured into the hole. Unlike the regular piñata, a piñata cake is not smashed (obviously); who wants to mess up and miss all the scrumptious goodness?  So when the cake is cut, out pours whatever treat was hidden in it.

We’ll just share the basic steps of making a pinata cake (we are using a round cake as an example) and also drop a video.

Step #1

Get a 4 layer cake (whatever size you want). You can achieve this by baking two cakes and then cutting each into two. Ensure that all the cake layers are level. if you have issues with cutting free hand, use a cake leveler .

Step # 2

Using a round cutter (This would also depend on how wide you want the hole to be and how much treats you want to put in the cake), cut out a hole in two of the cake layers( the second and third layer.

Step #3

Place the bottom layer of your cake on a cake board, apply filling of your choice and place the second layer on it. Crumb coat the hole that you created and also the top of the hole and place the third cake layer. Pour in your treats, ensure that it is flush with the cake; not below not slightly above. Cover with the filling and then place the final layer on it.

Step #4

Crumb coat the entire cake and allow to set for a couple of hours. Then cover with the final coating of whatever icing you want to use (fondant or buttercream). Decorate as desired.

That’s all there is to the basics of making a piñata cake. However, there are so many ways that you can make your piñata cake interesting. We’ll share some ideas with you in the next segment.

Check out the accompanying video:-


How To Make Piñata Cake – Ideas


Following from the result of our research, we discovered that there are myriads of shapes that you can make your piñata cake. We’ll share some of the shapes and what we learnt that they symbolized. This might help you to pick a shape that depicts or ties in with the theme of your party.

There are also innovative bakeware that have been made to aid you in your endeavor.

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Bear in mind that all the following are myths and we cannot swear to their authenticity. But how many nonscientific theories can be authenticated? Just go ahead and have fun!

Conical With 7 Points

The seven points in this shape depicts the original sins –greed, gluttony, sloth, pride, envy, wrath and lust. The treats inside represents the pleasures of sin, while the blind folded person represents faith. The stick is the love of God that destroys sin.

So when the blindfolded person (faith) hits the piñata with the stick (love) and it bursts open, sin is destroyed. The treat is no longer the pleasures of sin when it pours out of the shape but now becomes the reward of virtue. It is also purported to be the Christmas piñata shape.

So this shape is just right for a church event that has to do with maybe completion of catechism class, water baptism or confirmation. But best of all for your church children’s Christmas party!

Bake two dome shaped cakes, hollow out the middle of both cakes, fill the bottom layer with whatever treat you want and place the upper layer on it. Then decorate the cake and then attach seven point to the body. The picture and video below is just to help ignite  your imagination.

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The rainbow signifies peace and serenity, calmness after a storm. A rainbow piñata cake is an apt dessert to celebrate a new baby, victory over a terminal illness or any occasion that speaks of a rebirth or second chance at life or love.

Check out this video for more inspiration



During the Christmas season, one of the animals that is very popular is the donkey that carried Mary on her journey to Bethlehem. So what animal to best celebrate the sweet treats that accompany Christmas than a donkey?

I don’t know whether we would advise a newbie cake decorator to embark on this ambitious endeavor.

However, we would share this video and you may decide to attempt it after watching the video. What’s more, you can even use it either as a step by step guide or for inspiration!



Unicorns are mythical beings that are said to be difficult to track down. They are attributed with strength and mystical powers that bring healing to poisoned waters. They also symbolizes purity and chastity.

So a unicorn piñata cake can come in handy for bridal showers or other celebrations of love, healing and purity. This cake follows the basic principles of making a piñata cake but is decorated like a unicorn cake.


Does your rambunctious toddler or youngster love dragons? Then you have an easy way of increasing the fun level of their birthday party. You can make dragon piñata and also dragon piñata cake.

This might take a little bit of research and practice but it is completely doable. Only do not wait until the week of the party before you start your experiment. We advise that you try making this maybe one month before the event.

That way, you would have enough time to order from a seasoned pro cake decorator in the event that you discover that you can’t pull it off.

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Christmas Tree

It’s a season to be happy; what better way to be happy than with a piñata cake and more so one in the shape of a Christmas tree!

Words would not do justice to this idea so here’s another video!

This video however, is mainly for inspiration and to show you how to make a Christmas tree cake. Do the following to turn this cake into a pinata cake:-

(i) Using a template, cut out a round cavity in the second and third cake layers.

(ii) Fill with treats of your choice and continue as per instructions in the video.

Furthermore, you can decide to make your own cake shorter or decide to decorate it with fondant leaves instead of piping. Like we said earlier, the videos are mainly for inspiration.

We also have a great article on how to paint your cake and fondant decorative pieces with edible dust. Click here to check it out.

Gift Box

This cake design would be a double delight to the recipient. As a cake decorator, you’d probably be familiar with the gift box cake design. If not, we encourage you to do a little research on it.

Then just follow the simple principle of making a piñata cake then decorate appropriately.

How cool would it be when the celebrant cuts into the gift box cake (which is already a delight) to have their favorite treats pour out of the cake?


Smash Cake

Are you thinking of planning a birthday party for a two or three year old? Then make the birthday cake a double delight by making a piñata smash cake. Thankfully, your baby’s smash cake can be in any shape or size. And you can also make a piñata out of any cake shape.

Bear in mind that a one year old may not be able to work through to getting to the treats inside the cake. Hence the suggestion to make it for a two or three year old.

Stuffed Animals

Many of us can testify to the fact that our kids have stuffed animals that they love and are attached to. You can make their birthday celebration memorable by making a piñata cake in the replica of the stuffed animal.

There are so many great and fun ideas that you can adapt and customize to fit the theme of any occasion. This piece is just a little contribution of ideas from us to you.


How To Make A Piñata Cake – Tips From Experts

The Cake

(i) Ensure that your cake is sturdy. The safest type of cake to use is a pound cake. But if you are sure that your recipe would be sturdy enough to cut out the holes, then go ahead.

(ii) Do not bake the cake and make the piñata on the same day. Give the cake overnight to set very well. It’s best to wrap your cake in plastic and then pop into the fridge. That way, you’ll not have issues handling the cake when you start assembling and decorating.

(iii) Cut out the cavity one layer at a time. It’s safer than stacking the whole cake and then cutting out the hole with a serrated knife.

(iv) It is best to use a template to cut out the cavity in the cake layers. This would ensure that you have clean and accurate lines.

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The Filling and Treats

(i) Although you can stuff almost any treat you like into a piñata cake, you have to consider many things. One of them is how long the cake would stand out before it is cut and the staying power of the treats. Some gummy treats and chocolates would melt in the cake.

(ii) If you choose to use chocolate or other treats that would likely melt in the cake, then it’s best to fill the cake, crumb coat and freeze for about two hours.

(iii) Crumb coat the insides of the cavity you cut out. This would help some of the treats to stick to the sides of the cake and remain there when you cut into the cake and the treats pour out. This makes the cake more beautiful when you cut into it.

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One of the first thing to note when thinking of how to make a piñata cake is timing. It is not an emergency cake. You need to give yourself at least two days to make the cake. One day for baking and the other for decorating.

This would allow you to follow the due process of allowing the cake to set/settle at every step. Click here to read our article on preparing your cake for decoration. This would give you more insight into some due process of cake decoration.

Frosting and Covering A Piñata Cake 

(i) The best frosting to use for a piñata cake is a simple one. You can make the cake with any sturdy recipe (which would be delicious of course!) but when it comes to the frosting, you need to just keep it simple. We recommend a simple buttercream frosting. If you don’t have a great buttercream recipe, click here to find one.

(ii) Don’t go overboard when filling your cake layer. Do not use a filling that would compromise the stability of the cake. The simpler, the better; the treats inside already makes for great scrumptiousness.

(iii) You don’t have to be scared about decorating a piñata cake. The only thing you have to bear in mind is that there is a hole with treats in it. Do not place any heavy decoration in the middle of the cake. Although if you fill the cavity well and then cover it with a cake layer without cavity, you shouldn’t have any issues. But it’s better to be safe than sorry.

How To Make A Piñata Cake – Conclusion

We have compiled these resources to help fire up your imagination. And we believe that you can now beginning to churn out cakes that would wow friends and family.

If you are a cake decorator, we know that you have gathered enough inspiration to keep your customers coming back.

Finally, do you know that you can make mini piñata cakes and cupcakes? You don’t even have to go through any hassles to cut out the cavities. Just use the baking pans  displayed below to bake the cakes and then fill with candies and treats of your choice.

So what are you still waiting for? Go ahead and get caking!

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