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How to Make Fondant Flowers

Most cake decorators start out with making simple buttercream frosting. But some of us jumped right into fondant and then had challenges with how to make fondant flowers.

It’s a good thing that we experienced all the challenges along the way because now we’ll be able to help you. There are many bases to cover when talking about how to make fondant flowers.  However we it is not be possible to cover them all in this piece but we’ll help as much as we can.

Methods of Making Fondant Flowers

There are various methods of making fondant flowers. Some are painstaking while others are relatively easy. Each method has its pros and cons. We may not be able to elaborate on them but we’ll show you how to make the flowers and you decipher the pros and cons.

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How to Make Fondant Flowers Without Tools

There are so many flowers that can be made without tools. It depends on the creativity and dexterity of the decorator. We would not be able to go into details for individual flowers but the accompanying video would help a great deal.


Working With Tools

Making fondant flowers is a “genre” of cake decoration that’s vast. The tools that are required for this is as vast as the category. There is no way a beginner would be able to acquire all the fondant flower tools that are available.

That said, there are some fondant flower tools that are basic.  We have discussed these tools in a previous post. Click here to read the article for more information on these tools

Furthermore, you can check out the video below to see how to use some of these tools.


Working with Molds

Another way of making fondant flowers is using molds. The end results may not be as detailed and lifelike as those made with tools. However, they are the fastest means of churning out fondant flowers.

Fondant flower molds come in different shapes and sizes and they are a treasure to have.Click here to read our archived article on gum paste molds. It would help you know what to look out for in a good mold.

You would do yourself a world of good to pick up a few of these molds; they would really come in handy.

Let’s leave you with this video that would give you some pointers on how to use fondant flower molds.

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