How To Make Fondant With Marshmallow

Many cake decorators want to know how to make fondant with marshmallow because it’s faster to make. Some have also argued that it’s cheaper than other recipes but everyone agree that it’s by far cheaper than store bought fondant.


How To Make Fondant with Marshmallow – Tips From Experts

Experts advise that before you set out to make fondant with marshmallow, you should practice making the regular traditional fondant; that is the fondant without marshmallow.

This would enable you to know how fondant should feel. That way you would be able to adjust the icing sugar or liquid needed in any recipe you are using.

If your first attempt at making fondant from scratch is with marshmallow, you might be sorely disappointed.

Another tip from expert is that it’s best to make your fondant manually. That means that it is not ideal to use your stand mixer. Some people argue that their stand mixer is sturdy enough to power through the fondant dough; that’s true. But, except your stand mixer is a commercial grade mixer, it is best to err on the side of caution and mix by hand.Jet-Puffed Marshmallow, Regular, 16 oz


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So if you have not attempted to make fondant from scratch before, take a pause and check out our article on how to make fondant without marshmallow. Click here to read it.

Now let’s share two recipes with you on how to make fondant with marshmallow:-

How To Make Fondant With Marshmallow – Recipe #1

Ingredients Needed

280 g or 10 oz Mini Marshmallows

4 cups or 453 g Icing Sugar ( in some regions a pack of icing sugar measures at 500 g, if you plan to use this, you can add a little more marshmallow and water)

2 to 3 Tablespoons Water

Vegetable shortening  Hoosier Hill Farm Mini Dehydrated Marshmallows, 1 Pound

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Method for Preparation

(i) Place the marshmallows in a microwave safe bowl and microwave in increments of 30 seconds. Once the marshmallows is melted, set it aside.

(ii) Place three quarters of the icing sugar in a large mixing bowl and add the melted marshmallow. Mix on low speed until properly incorporated. The mixture should have formed a ball at this time but if not add more icing sugar until it forms a ball.

(iii) Turn out this ball onto a working surface and knead until it is well formed; soft and pliable. If the ball feels dry, you can add some drops of water until you get the right consistency.

(iv) Don’t forget to grease your hands with vegetable shortening. Dust your working surface with icing sugar before placing the dough on the surface to knead.

(v) Store this fondant by wrapping in plastic wrap and placing it in a Ziploc bag. Ensure that the bag is airtight because air would dry out fondant.

This recipe is adapted from


How To Make Fondant With Marshmallow – Recipe #2

Ingredients Needed

16 oz., 8 cups or 453g Mini-marshmallows

2 lb., 907g or 8 Cups Icing Sugar

1 Tablespoon Water

One  Teaspoon Lemon extract or any other flavor of your choice

1 Tablespoon Corn Syrup (optional)Karo Light Corn Syrup, 128-Ounce


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Method For Preparation

First Part -Mixing With A Wooden Spoon 

(i) Grease a wooden spoon and large microwaveable mixing bowl with vegetable shortening. This would help the marshmallow not to stick to the bowl and spoon. Marshmallow fondant is very sticky at the onset

(ii) Place the marshmallow in the mixing bowl and add the water. Microwave for about two minutes or until the marshmallows look soft and puffy.

(iii) If you have opted to use the corn syrup, add it now with the flavoring of your choice. You can decide to forego flavors though. However, we notice that lemon extract helps to cut the sweetness of the fondant. The mixture should have a soupy consistency at this point with the marshmallows almost dissolved. This is also the point to add coloring if you intend to color the fondant. It is easier now than later.

(iv) Next slowly stir in about 2/3rd of the icing sugar. Stop adding the icing sugar only when it becomes difficult to stir with the wooden spoon.Domino Confectioners Sugar 10X Powdered Pure Cane Sugar, 4 Lb

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Now on to The Kneading Part 

(i) Clean out your working surface thoroughly and grease with vegetable shortening. You can also use a silicone fondant rolling mat. Turn out the mixture onto the greased work surface/mat.

(ii) Start kneading the mixture (remember that it would still be hot so be careful not to burn your hands). Add the remaining icing sugar gradually. One other thing to remember is that you may not need to use up all the icing sugar.

(iii) You have to stop adding the sugar once you notice that the dough no longer absorbs it. You would notice that the dough feels like warm fondant at this point. That is why experts advise that you learn how to make fondant without marshmallows first so that you’ll know how warm fondant feels. Keep your vegetable shortening handy all through this process as you might need to constantly grease your hands.

(iv) Your fondant would still be warm and soft at this point and isn’t yet usable. Roll your fondant into a ball and grease with vegetable shortening. Then wrap it in plastic wrap and place in a Ziploc bag overnight (at least). Store in a cool, dry place.

Adapted from

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