how to make royal icing flowers

How To Make Royal Icing Flowers

How to make royal icing flowers; this is one decorating technique that sounds so complicated. But truth be told, royal icing flowers are not so complex to make.

Yes there are steps and methods that if you don’t follow might affect the end product. But thankfully those steps are easy to follow.

In this article,we would discuss the advantages of royal icing flowers, how to make them and how to store them. We’ll also throw in a recipe or two so stay with us.


Advantages of Knowing How To Make Royal Icing Flowers

There are so many advantages to knowing how to make royal icing flowers; it is a skill that is vital if one is to be a consummate cake decorator.

When you have this decoration skill up your sleeve, you are able to harness the following benefits of royal icing:-

(i) Royal icing is stiffer than buttercream while softer than fondant or gum paste (before it dries). This makes it easier and more versatile to work with. It can form shapes that buttercream cannot and it doesn’t dry out as fast as fondant or gumpaste.

(ii) The consistency of royal icing lends itself to the soft and delicate look that royal icing flowers have. The great thing about this is that although they look delicate, these sugar flowers  are very stable and durable.

(iii)Decorative accents made from royal icing stores easily and effectively. You do not have to fear about making them in advance as far as you take care in storing them safely. They can last for as long as a year or more.

(iv) A little royal icing goes a long way; just one batch of a recipe can be used to make many flowers. So in essence we can say that this is a cost effective cake decoration technique.

(v) Another advantage that accrues from the above is that you can always have royal flowers on hand for decorating your cakes or other baked goods. Once you use a batch of royal icing to churn out flowers, you most often would not use them all up at once. So you just store the leftovers and reach for them when needed.Wilton 710-0266 Purple Posy Icing Decorations, 12/PackClick here to check this out and buy on Amazon



Getting Started

Before you start churning out those beautiful royal icing flowers, you have to ensure that you have a great recipe. Next ensure that your royal icing is well prepared; that is the bedrock for success with these delicate yet beautiful decorative pieces. Finally, get all the materials/tools needed ready.

Are you wondering how to get all these done?  Not to worry; we have an article that addresses all the above. Click here to read it.

Tools Needed


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Piping Bag(s)

Piping Tips (flower tips)

Flower Nail

Parchment paper

Flower former and dryer


There are different types of royal icing flowers and they all have different methods to making them.

What this means is that you have to learn how to make each flower individually.

And the best way to learn is by watching someone make them. So watch the accompanying video and learn how it’s done.


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