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How to Make Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Cake

How to Make Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Cake

Are you a foodie or sweet tooth that also loves to whip up great desserts? Then learning how to make strawberry shortcake ice cream cake would be beneficial to you. That’s one more desert to your repertoire!

Some strawberry shortcake ice cream cake recipes are completely no bake while others are a mix of bake and no bake.

In this article, we would be sharing some recipes of this tasty summery delight. Most often I’ve picked bits and pieces from different recipes to achieve a recipe that suits my unique tastes.

These recipes might also afford you the same basis for creating great desserts.


How to Make Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Cake – Recipe #1


2 Layers of 9’’ Round White Cake

1 Cup, 227g, 80z or 2 Sticks Butter

2 Cups, 200 g or 7 oz Sugar Cookies (Crumbled)

2 Cups, 220g or 7 oz Strawberry Wafers(crushed)

4 Cup, 500 -512 g or 18oz Icing Sugar

1 Tablespoon Vanilla

2 Tablespoons Milk

48 oz Strawberry Ice Cream (approx. 1 and 1/3 kg or 6 cups)

Haagen Dazs, Strawberry Ice Cream, 3.6 Oz. Cup (12 Count)

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Instructions For Preparation

Bake The Cake 

Bake your two flat layers of 9 inch white cake. If you don’t have a recipe for white cake, click here to check out and try one of ours.  You can also use a box of cake mix. Leave the cakes to cool completely.

Make The Frosting 

Get a large mixing bowl and add the butter; cream the butter until fluffy. Then gradually add the icing sugar and vanilla. Next add the milk to make the crumbs spreadable(That’s your frosting). Set aside.

Assemble The Cake 

(i) Line a 9 inch springform pan with foil. Spread a layer of ice cream in the pan. Freeze for about a couple of hours.

(ii) Place the sugar cookie crumbs and strawberry wafer crumbs in a large mixing bowl and mix well.

(iii) Line another 9’’ round springform pan with baking paper. Spread a layer of icing on top of one of the cake layers. Sprinkle some of the cookie mixtures on the icing. Then turn that cake over into the prepared pan.

(iv) Bring out the ice cream layer that you have put in the freezer. Remove it from the pan and place on top of the cake that you have turned over into the second pan. Then place the second layer of the cake on top of the ice cream player. Then remove the ring of the springform pan (That’s why we recommend using springform pan).

(v) Frost all three layers with the remaining icing and press the remaining crushed cookies all over the frosted layers.

(vi) Freeze for a minimum of two hours before serving.

(vii) You can add any fresh fruits or whatever you love as toppings for this cake.

This recipe was adapted from Hines Cake Mix Bundle - Perfectly Moist Banana Supreme, Strawberry Supreme, Lemon Supreme 15.25

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How to Make Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Cake – Recipe #2


To Make The Strawberry Sauce You Need The Following:-

4 Cups or 520g Strawberries (frozen)

1 Cup, 200g or 8 oz Sugar

½ Cup, 118ml or 4 fl oz Water

½ Cup, 118ml or 4 fl oz Heavy Cream

2 Tablespoons Corn Starch 


3 pack Trader Joe's Shelf Stable Tetra Grade A Whipping Cream 8 FL Oz (236 mL) Cream at the Ready When You Need It (UHT) Room Temperature, 3 Pack

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To Make The Ice Cream Cake You Need The Following:-

2 litres Strawberry Ice Cream

3 Cups, 300g or 10.5oz Vanilla Cookie Crumbs

½ Cup, 113g, 4oz or 1 Stick Butter (melted)

Instructions For Preparation

Make Ahead –Strawberry Sauce

(i) Get a medium saucepan and place the strawberries, water and sugar. Bring it to a slow boil on a medium heat stove. Ensure that you stir it often until the strawberries soften.

(ii) Mash the strawberries to a puree with a potato masher or immersion blender.

(iii) Whisk the corn starch and cream together and stir it into the strawberry that you have already mashed. Stir until the sauce thickens lightly.

(iv) Leave to cool to room temperature.

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Prepare The Crumbs

Place the cookie crumbs and melted butter in a mixing bowl and mix until it forms a consistency like sand.

Assemble the Cake

(i) Press one layer of the cookie crumbs into the bottom of a 9’’ springform pan. Add the strawberry ice cream and then the strawberry sauce. Repeat the process a second time.

(ii) Place in the freezer until it becomes firm. If you are not going to serve it immediately, cover the cake with a plastic wrap and store until you are ready to serve.

Adapted from



How to Make Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Cake – Recipe #3


To Make The Crumbs and Assemble The Cake You Need The Following:-

24 Pieces of Oreos, Graham Crackers or any cookie of your choice

4 Tablespoons Melted Butter

3 Cups Vanilla Ice Cream

5 Cups Strawberry Ice Cream

A Tube of Whipped Cream (preferably and 8oz tub)

To Make The Topping  And Strawberry Crunch You Need The Following:-

28 g or One 1oz pack Strawberries (freeze-dried)

12 Pieces Oreos

Fresh Strawberries

Instructions For Preparation

Prepare The Crumb Crust

(I) Crush the 24 pieces of any cookie of your choice and mix with the melted butter. Ensure that you have a coarse crumbly consistency (but that can bind well). Crush the 12 pieces of oreos and set aside.

(II) Line a 9 inch springform pan with parchment paper. Press some of the crumbs firmly at the base of the pan. Place in a 350ºF preheated oven and bake for 20 minutes. Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely.

(III) Using a food processor, blend the freeze dried strawberries coarsely and then mix it with the 12 pieces of oreos that you crushed and set aside earlier. Then place half of this mix on the layer of crumbs.

Assemble The Rest of The  Cake

(i) Scoop a layer of softened vanilla ice cream on top of the freeze dried strawberries.

(ii) Mix the remaining cookie crumbs and the remaining processed strawberries. Place this mix on the layer of vanilla ice cream.

(iii) Scoop a layer of strawberry ice cream on the layer of the cookie crumbs and freeze dried strawberry mix. Place in the freezer for a minimum of one hour.

(iv) When the ice cream cake is firmly frozen, top with the whipped cream and put back into the freezer.

(v) When you are ready to serve this cake, bring it out of the freezer and garnish with the fresh strawberries.

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How to Make Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Cake – Conclusion

These recipes are just a few of the many variations of how to make strawberry shortcake ice cream cake. The great thing about these recipes is that they are basics of how to make most no bake cakes.

You can always use any kind of cookie for the crumb layer, then use any fruit of your choice and then layer with whatever flavor of ice cream that you love.

We encourage you to get creative and experiment with variety of ingredients. Watch the accompanying video for more inspiration.








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