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Innovative Sugarworks Cake Turntable – Full Review

The Innovative Sugarworks  Cake Turntable is a cake decorator’s dream come true. It’s a top quality high end cake turntable that’s made with long lasting materials. Innovative Sugarworks Artists Cake Turntable These materials are food grade and easy to clean and maintain. With this turntable, you can easily rotate your cake and decorate without stress.


Importance of Owning a Good Cake Turntable

Before we go further on this product review, we would like to highlight the importance of a cake turntable. Why take the time to read through a product review if you don’t know the importance of the product right?

That said however, we would not bore you with long winded derails; we’ll just give you the essentials. For a more detailed discourse on cake turntables click here. 

In Brief…

A cake turntable is an important accessory for any baker or cake decorator because it helps you churn out perfectly frosted cakes/baked goods.


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With a cake turntable, you have access to all sides of your cake without moving around; the turntable does all the revolving for you. It gives you a 360 degree view of your cake without over handling the cake.

The turntable elevates the cake to a height that makes for a more convenient decorating position. You’ll be able to reach all the sides of the cake easier than if it were on a platter on a table.

The position in which you work constantly impacts on your posture. In the case of cake decoration the parts most affected are your back: from shoulder, to spine and waist. A good cake turntable would help prevent postural issues.

With this understanding you’ll now appreciate this review of The Innovative Sugarworks Cake Turntable.
This product comes loaded with many great features. But before we discuss them, let’s tell you a little about the manufacturer/brand.


Brand Profile

Innovative Sugarworks is a brand that continuously seeks to inspire cake decorators and sugar artist. It envisions and creates tools that make the art of cake decorating fun filled and enjoyable.

The husband and wife team of Meghan and Chris Allison established Innovative Sugarworks in 2013.  Meghan, a cake decorator whose experience dates back to her teenage years saw a gap between the conventional cake tools and what the modern day cake decorator needs. Meghan then  began to make her own tools to fill that gap. This eventually led to the birth of the brand.

With the partnership of her entrepreneur husband Chris they began to make top quality tools for innovative and enhanced sugar craft.

The tagline of the brand is “Crafted for the professional – inspired for the home™
This means that these tools are very functional and versatile. They are innovative yet simple enough to be used by both professionals and amateurs.

We are sure you are glad to know that this product was crafted by people who know what you need; now let’s move on to exploring some of the features of this superb product.

Features of the Innovative Sugarworks Cake Turntable

Stainless Steel Thrust Bearing

This is the feature that makes the turntable to spin smoothly and effortlessly at a full 360 degrees. All the turntable needs is a slight touch and it would move at the required speed.

Key For Speed AdjustmentInnovative Sugarworks Artists Cake Turntable


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The turntable comes outfitted with a tension key that’s easy to turn. This key is at the base of the turntable and controls its spinning speed. With this key you can set the turntable to whatever spinning speed you require. You can also lock it in place by totally tightening the key.

Locking plate

The locking plate allows the turntable to be locked in place so that it doesn’t spin as you pipe on or decorate your cake. This removes the need to hold your cake when piping. It also saves you the inconvenience of a spinning turntable when you need a stationary one.

Strong Wide Base

The turntable is a one–piece design with a strong wide base. This wide base provides a stable platform for you to work on your cake. It can hold a 12 inch cake without an extender and up to a 20 inch cake with an extender.

Non Slip Mat

Innovative Sugarworks Artists Cake Stand
A non slip mat is included with purchase. It helps to add more grip to the working surface of the turntable. This prevents your cake or whatever you are working on from sliding and slipping around.


Aluminum Work Surface

The working surface of the turntable is made with top quality aluminum. It is food grade which makes it safe to use for food and edible items.

Designed to Fit The Innovative Sugarworks Turntable Extender

Innovative Sugarworks Artists Cake Turntable

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The design allows it to be used with The Innovative Sugarworks Turntable Extender. This means that you can stack and decorate multi-tiers of cake and also cakes wider than 12 inches. The extender makes the turntable a versatile and adaptable appliance. When you get this product, you don’t have to bother about owning more than one turntable.

Non- Slip Base

The base of the turntable is designed to have some traction on any surface you place it on. This ensures that the turntable does not slip around or wobble when in use. It affords the user peace of mind when delicate baked goods are placed on it.
These great features afford the user a lot of benefits; some of these benefits include the following

Benefits of the Innovative Sugarworks Artists Cake Turntable

Lightweight and Sturdy Appliance

The turntable though lightweight is very sturdy and stable; It doesn’t wobble or tilt. The construction offers user a smooth and stable working surface freeing them to decorate their cakes without accidents.

Right Height for Decorating

The turntable is just the right height for decorating without strain or discomfort to the user’s back.

Easy to Clean

The aluminum working surface makes it easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe the turntable down with a damp dish towel after each use. You are advised not to submerge the product in water.

Storage Box

It comes in a proper box that makes it easy to store. This means that your turntable would not gather dust when not in use.

Convenient to Use

The speed adjustment tension key and the locking plate provides great convenience for the user. This is because you can now adjust the speed of rotation to suit the task at hand. You can also lock it into place when you don’t need it to rotate. This feature removes a lot of hassles from the icing and piping process in cake decoration.


The quality of materials used in the production of this turntable ensures that it would last long. This means that this product would serve you for a long time; with this turntable, you get great value for your money.

Innovative Sugarworks Artists Cake Turntable

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Demerits/Complaints About The Innovative Sugarworks Artist Cake Turntable

This is a relatively new product on the block; not quite three years now. Customers have raved about it and are very happy with its overall performance. However, one grouse that cuts across board is the price of this turntable.
A number of people feel that it is overpriced and this can be a deal breaker for them.

Who Needs The Innovative Sugarworks Artist Cake Turntable

The Innovative Sugarworks Artist Cake Turntable is essential for any cake decorator or sugar artist that doesn’t have a good turntable.
Another set of people who need this product are those who are not satisfied with the turntable they currently own. Turntables that induce frustration during cake decoration include the following types:

(i) Wobbly and unstable turntables

(ii) Heavy and cumbersome turntables

(iii) Turntables without non-slip base

(iv) Turntables that are poorly constructed with inferior materials
If you have any of these types of turntables then you need to check out and buy the Innovative Sugarworks Artist Cake Turntable here.

Customers Opinion of The Innovative Sugarworks Artists Cake Turntable

Many people who have bought and used Innovative Sugarworks Artists Cake Turntable have a lot of good things to say about it.

Some of the great things they have to say include the following:

(i) The speed adjustment and the ability to stop the spinning entirely makes for more convenience. This has encouraged them to bake and decorate more often.

(ii) The height of the turntable helps to alleviate back ache and other postural issues.

(iii) The quality of the materials used to make the turntable and the durability makes the initial cost worthwhile.

(iv) It is a very useful accessory in a bake shop and also for a commercial cake decorator.
There’s so much we can say about The Innovative Sugarworks Artists Cake Turntablebut let’s stop here for now.

If you are sold and now see the need to own The Innovative Sugarworks Artists Cake Turntable, you can buy it here.
However, if you are not fully convinced about this product, there are other alternatives and we’ll give you a few.

Wilton's cake turntable

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Alternatives to The Innovative Sugarworks Artists Cake Turntable

Multi- Adjustable Cake Turntable

The featured product has the speed adjustment and brake features. However if you are more interested in a cake turntable that can be adjusted in multiple directions,  then you may consider the Wilton Tilt-N-Turn Ultra Cake Turntable.

Wilton Tilt-N-Turn Ultra Cake Turntable

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This cake turntable allows you to change the direction/angle of the surface of the cake to be decorated. The top plate rotates both clockwise and anticlockwise and can be adjusted to 18 different plate positions.

The surface is wide enough to accommodate a 12 inch cake boards and above. It is 5 inches high from the base and the tilting mechanism helps to keep it at user’s eye level. This turntable is ideal for decorating 3D, square and round cakes.

It helps make detailed decorations easier because you can tilt it to whatever angle you want. The base is weighted enough to keep the turntable from wobbling and tilting.

The overall design is adaptable for both right and left handed cake decorators.
If this fits the bill of what you are looking for in a cake turntable, click here to buy the Wilton Tilt-N-Turn Ultra Cake Turntable.

Wilton cake turntable


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Aluminum Cake Turntable

Some cake decorators prefer aluminum cake turntables. There are many of such in the market; the issue is that you may end up with inferior aluminum. Let’s help you reduce that risk by presenting the Topeka Trading Company Cake Turntable.

Topeka Trading Company Cake Turntable

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The Topeka Trading Company Cake Turntable is a 12 inch wide cake turntable. It has a long lasting aluminum alloy body with a silicone non slip base.

This material is easier to clean than the plastic and wooden alternatives. Some customers believe aluminum is of higher quality than plastic and wood. That’s a debatable opinion but one truth is that it discourages bacterial growth better than plastic and wood.

The  textured surface makes it non slip which reduces the occurrence of slippage. Its surface rotates in both directions so the non slip feature comes in handy.

The beautiful polished design of The Topeka Trading Company Cake Turntable makes it ideal for presentation. This means that you can transit from decorating your cake to presenting it without changing accessories.

Do you want to experience the goodness of this product? Then get The Topeka Trading Company Cake Turntable.

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Height Adjustable Cake Turntable

Wilton High and Low Cake Turntable

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The Wilton High and Low Cake Turntable makes decorating different parts of the cake easier. It can be adjusted to a height of 5 inches or 3.45 inches.

The higher adjustment is ideal for making borders and other side details while the lower adjustment is great for decorating the top of the cake.
The height adjustment feature of this turntable takes into consideration people of different heights.

Most 6 footers plus have applauded the sensitivity of the manufacturers of this turntable. They now have a product that they can use without so much pressure to their backs.
Apart from tall people, this turntable comes in handy in a bakeshop where different persons get to use the same cake tools.

Wilton Tilt N Turn Cake Turntable

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Plastic Cake Turntable

Almost every cake decorator starts out with a plastic turntable. This is because it is the most commonly available type and also the most affordable.
If you are just starting out on your journey as a cake decorator, you may not need any fancy tools. Check out the Cake Boss Plastic Cake Turntable.

Cake Boss Plastic Cake Turntable

Innovative Sugarworks Artists Cake Stand

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The Cake Boss Plastic Cake Turntable is a sturdy turntable. Made with top quality food grade plastic, it is beautifully designed and performs well.

This turntable has a stainless steel bearing with locking switch that keeps it stationary when you don’t want it to spin. It also features a rubber feet with grip to ensure its stability on your work surface.

The design allows you to use it also as a cake display stand. Are you looking for where to buy the Cake Boss Plastic Cake Turntable? Click here.

To round up this review, let’s give you a quick table of comparison of the products.

Table of Comparison

Innovative Sugarworks  Cake Turntable

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Wilton Tilt-N-Turn Ultra Cake Turntable

Wilton Tilt N Turn Cake Turntable

You can click here to buy this turntable

Topeka Trading Company Cake Turntable


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Wilton High and Low Cake Turntable



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Cake Boss Plastic Cake Turntable



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MaterialAluminumPlasticAluminum Alloy/ Cast IronPlasticPlastic
DesignOne-Piece Design, with speed adjustment key and brakeMulti- Adjustable  and Multi-directional,  Tilting Mechanism for 18 secure plate positionsStand with platform that has solid non slip baseHeight adjustableRegular design with locking features
ColorSilver and RedWhite and PurpleSilver , Black , GreyWhite with touch of greyCream with touch of red


12 x 12 x 4 inches12 x 12 x 7 inches14.2 x 13.7 x 7.3 inches12.9 x 12.9 x 3.5 inches12.6 x 12.6 x 3.5 inches
BenefitsLightweight and Sturdy Appliance, Right Height for Decorating, Convenient to use, comes in a storage box , Easy to Clean and Durability.360 degrees view of cake, Multiple angles to work from, increased convenience for cake decoration, easy to clean.Strong and durable materials,  Textured surface that offers reduced occurrence of slippage, beautiful design, Can be used as Cake standCan be used in two heights, provides right height for different tasks, reduces the risk of back ache, and is adaptable to different usersRegular cake turntable that’s easy to use, helps beginners get familiar with cake turntables, can also be used as cake display stand, stable and doesn’t wobble.

Our Verdict on The Innovative Sugarworks Cake Turntable

Truth be told, there are many cake turntables out there and many of them are of good quality. However,  the Innovative Sugarworks Artists Cake Turntable has been upgraded to meet the growing needs of cake decorators globally.This cake turntable is designed to bridge the gap between the traditional cake turntable and what’s needed today.

A number of customers have complained that the Innovative Sugarworks Artists Cake Turntable is expensive but it is well worth the price. If you buy this cake turntable, you are sure to get your money’s worth. This assertion is based on the high reviews that have been garnered for this cake turntable.

Wilton's cake turntable

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