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OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set- An Indepth Review

OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set- An Indepth Review

The OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set is a simple yet very essential tool in the kitchen. They are useful for whipping up creamy confections, folding cake batters, tossing salads and much more.

Without mixing bowls you can hardly get anything started by way of food preparation. For this reason you have to take them seriously and ensure that you have the right ones.


This OXO 3-piece set is just the right size for most basic tasks in the kitchen. You cannot discuss cake mixing tools without including mixing bowls.  Similarly, no food prep can occur without these basic tools.

Before we go further, let’s give you an insight into the OXO brand.


Brand Profile

OXO has been in operation for over 25 years and has consistently delivered products that are delightful and surpass customer expectations. It maintains an avid curiosity of what would please customers and translates its findings to functional products.

These products cover a wide span of household items from baby products to storage and utensils. With every OXO product, you are assured of better design and better functionality which leads to better experiences.

In addition to the designs and functionality of OXO’s products, is the pocket friendly price of these products. Everyone is sure to find products that fit their budget and what’s more, the products are also up to industry standards.

Finally, every OXO product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. OXO is always willing to listen to customer complaints and make things right.  Wouldn’t you rather shop with a brand that stands behind its products?

Well, let’s get back to discussing the features of the OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set.


Features of the OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set

Though an uncomplicated product, the OXO 3-piece Mixing Bowls still comes with some features and they include the flowing:-

3 Graduated Sizes

This OXO mixing bowl set comes with three graduated sizes and they are: – 1.5 quart,3  quart and 5 quart bowls. Each bowl is appropriate for different culinary tasks; you can double your recipes or make small batches.

Another cool thing about these bowls is that you can also use them for serving popcorn and such snacks.

Rust Resistant Material

The interior of the OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set is made of top quality stainless steel. This material is rust resistant and doesn’t retain odor, flavor or color. Furthermore this material helps to retain the right temperature for marinating and chilling.

White Plastic Exterior

The exterior of these mixing bowls are made of white plastic. This is a thoughtful touch because it helps protect the user from heat when using the bowls for hot recipes.

Non Slip Bottom

Underneath this OXO Mixing Bowl is layered with non slip materials. This ensures that the bowl would not slip or skid around when you are mixing with it.  The bowl remains stable even when you tilt it while mixing your ingredients.

Compact Nesting Design

The bowls are designed to nest within themselves which makes storage easy.

Lightweight Yet Durable

The OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set is lightweight yet durable. It is not cumbersome to the user and allows ease of use and handling.

Dishwasher Safe

These beautiful bowls are dishwasher safe and this translates to easy cleanup after use.

Curved Interior

The curved design of the interior of these bowls is also without corners and makes for easy mixing and cleanup.

Do you need mixing bowls that deliver the above features? Then click here to buy the OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set.


Benefits of the OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set

Having this set of mixing bowls in your kitchen would be very beneficial to you. Some of its benefits include the following:

Ease of Use and Cleanup

The design of this set (both exterior and interior) makes it easy to manipulate and handle. The weight is such that user can easily hold it with one hand and mix or scoop ingredients with the other hand.

Versatile Sizes

There are three sizes of bowls and this gives user different options for different tasks. The smallest size would work just right for whisking eggs or making salad dressing. Reach for the 3-quart size when you need to mix ingredients with a hand mixer.

Finally, the biggest sized bowl allows you to double your recipes or toss salads. You can even serve popcorns on movie night in the family room!

No Stress Storage

You do not need to create special room for storage of these bowls. They nest within themselves so you just need a little space in your pantry or cabinet/drawers.


The OXO 3-piece mixing bowls are quite durable. They do not chip, rust or break. You are assured of getting your money’s worth from these bowls before they’ll need replacement.

Safe Usage

These mixing bowls are easy to use without fear of your bowls slipping out of the countertop. The anti-slip bottom helps to keep the bowls stable when you are using them.


If you haven’t started enjoying these benefits, click here to buy the OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set.


Demerits of the OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set

Although we agree that this OXO mixing bowl set has many merits but there are also some demerits. Some of the demerits of this product include the following:-

No Lids

These mixing bowls would have been a lot more functional if they had lids. The lack of lids impacts on its versatility because one can’t use them for storage.

They are Not Microwavable

The OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set cannot be put into the microwave. This in addition to the lack of lids means one cannot store leftovers in them and then reheat when needed. The Bottom Retains Water

There’s a hole in the bottom through which water gets into the plastic/rubber at the bottom of the bowls.  Thankfully the water drips out but may drip into your drawer. What if it doesn’t drip out? Hmm! Might be a breeding ground for bacteria.

However, this issue can be handled by letting the bowls drip/drain very well before storing.


Customer Reviews of the OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set

The OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set has garnered over a thousand reviews. Over 85% are positive while the rest are negative. We would give you a summary of both sides

Positive Reviews

Great Customer Care Service

Some customers had issues with their products and they contacted the OXO customer care unit. These customers were glad at the quality of service they received and rated the product highly because of it.

Looks and Feels Like a High End Product

Some customers rated the OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set a 5- star product because of its design and weight.  The exterior that insulates the hands of the user and the maneuverability of the bowls also added to the rating.

Skid Free Bottom Is a Winner

The fact that the bowls are made with skid free bottoms makes this product a winner with many customers. A good number of customers gave the product a 5-star rating because of this feature. One customer stated that these bowls stay exactly where you place them and this made her to love them more.

Adequate for Heavy and Frequent Use

One customer loves the OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set because she has been using it daily for a long time. Not only that, these bowls have withstood frequent and heavy duty use. She recommends it to anyone who is an ardent baker or cook.


Negative Reviews

Lack of Lids is a Minus

A few customers were not happy with the fact that they couldn’t store their leftover ingredient in the bowls.  They have had to look for alternatives when they have a large batch of leftovers in the bowl. This made then to rate these mixing bowls lower than 4 stars.

Rubber at the Bottom Is Smelly

A customer returned the product because the rubber at the bottom was smelly. The customer felt the mixing bowls would have been better off with silicone under and not plain rubber. This made the customer to rate the product 2-star.

Non Stick Bottom is waterlogged

The issue of water seeping into the hole underneath the mixing bowl made the customers affected to rate the mixing bowls low. However, we noted that only a few customers complained of this issue.


We believe that even with these negatives the OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set is a good deal.

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If you are not yet sold on this product, we would give you some options that may work for you.


Alternatives to the OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set


Glass Mixing Bowls

Anchor Hocking Glass Mixing Bowls (Set of 2)

OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set

The Anchor Hocking Glass Mixing Bowls were designed to make mixing easy for the user.  With a 4-quart capacity, these bowls are adequate for mixing up double batches of cookie recipes or whipping up creamy confections. They

These glass mixing bowls are made in USA and are safe for use in the oven. This adds to the versatility of the bowls because you can use them both to mix your ingredients and also bake them.

The design of the interior also makes for easy mixing and scooping of ingredients. Additionally, these glass bowls are beautifully designed and also durable. The clear glass also allows user to see the ingredients that they are mixing.

Click here to buy the Anchor Hocking Glass Mixing Bowls (Set of 2).


Plastic Mixing Bowls

Farberware Classic Plastic Mixing Bowls

OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set

The Farberware Classic Plastic Mixing Bowl comes in a set of three and the sizes are graduated. These sizes are 21/2 quart, 31/2 quart and 41/2 quart bowls.

Each bowl has a pour spout for pouring out prepared ingredients. This reduces spillage when transferring the mixed ingredients.

The base of the Farberware Classic Mixing Bowl is made with non slip materials so that the bowls stay put when in use.

Storing these bowls is really easy because they nest in each other. This saves you a lot of space since all of them can stay together.

Cleaning up these bowls is a breeze because they are dishwasher safe.

Finally, these bowls come in an attractive red color and can also be used to serve popcorns on movie night.

Click here to buy the Farberware Classic Plastic Mixing Bowls.


Cheaper Option of Stainless Steel mixing Bowls

Cuisinart CTG-00-SMB Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Lids

OXO Good Grips

These Cuisinart Mixing Bowls come in a set of three and are sized differently for different tasks. The sizes of the bowls are 11/2 quarts, 3 quarts and 5 quarts.

When you need to whisk a few eggs , the small size comes in handy. For those recipes that you need a hand mixer, the middle bowl works just fine. Last of all, the biggest size is perfect for doubling some recipes.

The Cuisinart Stainless Steel Bowls are easy to store because they nest together and would not take up much space. Furthermore, the cover of these bowls makes them adequate for storing leftovers in the freezer or refrigerator.

Finally, these bowls are a breeze to clean because they are dishwasher safe.

Click here to buy Cuisinart CTG-00-SMB Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Lids.


Melamine Mixing Bowls

The Pioneer Woman 10-Piece Nesting Mixing Serving Bowl Set

OXO Good Grips Mixing Bowl

The Pioneer Woman 10-Piece Mixing Bowls comes in a set of 5 bowls with 5 lids. These bowls are made of melamine with classic timeless designs and come in graduated sizes.  They are very versatile because they can be used to mix cake batter, toss salads, whisk eggs and a host of other tasks.

In addition to food preparation, these bowls can also be used to serve snacks at casual events for friends and family. The floral designs on the bowls are eye catching and very attractive which make them perfect for entertaining guests also.

Although these bowls are of top quality and durable, they are meant to be washed by hands only.  Furthermore, they should not be out into the microwave.

Click here to buy The Pioneer Woman 10-Piece Nesting Mixing Serving Bowl Set.


Let’s quickly have a recap of the products discussed before we sign off ; here’s a table of comparison.


Comparison Table


OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set


Anchor Hocking Glass Mixing Bowls (Set of 2)


Farberware Classic Plastic Mixing Bowls


Cuisinart CTG-00-SMB Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Lids



The Pioneer Woman 10-Piece Nesting Mixing Serving Bowl Set


CategoryStainless Steel Mixing BowlGlass Mixing BowlPlastic Mixing BowlStainless Steel Bowls With LidsMelamine Mixing Bowls
No in Set3233 bowls5
Sizes  in Quarts1.5 ,3  and 541 ½ ,  3 ½  and 51 ½ , 3 and 5Not Specified
ColorWhiteTransparentRedSilverFloral Design
MaterialStainless SteelGlassPlasticStainless steelMelamine
Extra FeaturesInsulated Exterior, no corner interior and non slip baseOven safePouring Spout  and Non skid bottomLidsNon
Product Dimensions11.2 x 6.3 x 11.9 in10.15 x 10.15 x 5.14 in11.42 x 9.45 x 6.3 in10.5 x 6.2 x 10.5 inches12 x 12 x 6.6 inches
ManufacturerOXOAnchor HockingFarberwareCuisinartThe Pioneer Woman



The OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set as we have seen is a good deal in spite of some negatives.  We noticed that so many customers did not complain about these negatives. Even those who complained found a way around it and are still enjoying the benefits of the product.

We hope that you’d be able to make an informed decision based on the information we have provided in this review.

Click here to purchase the OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set.






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