Wedding Cake Stand – Elegant Cake Display

A wedding cake stand is as important to some couples as other elements of the wedding; for others it is not. A wedding cake stand is really important whether you consider it so or not.

A wedding cake stand can increase or lower the overall aesthetic value of your wedding cake.

In this article, we would give you a crash course on wedding cake stands. This would help you understand their importance  and also know how to make the right choice.

What is a Wedding Cake Stand And Why Do You Need One?

A wedding cake stand is an elevated platform on which a cake rests for display. It is most often a decorative piece but can also be functional. it can be made from a wide variety of materials ranging from wood to steel, glass to crystals and other innovative materials.

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You can have your wedding cake displayed without a cake stand and there’ll be no issues. So why do you need a cake stand? You need a wedding cake stand for many reasons and they include the following:

Wedding cake stand as a finishing touch

A wedding cake stand adds an elegance and perfect finishing touch to your cake presentation. It helps to turn an otherwise simple cake to an elegant showpiece. It would also help to tie in the wedding cake with the other decorations and elements of the wedding.

You can get any style and shape of cake stand you want because of the many options that are available in the market.


To Add Height to the Cake

When you place your wedding cake on a cake stand, it increases the height of the cake. This is especially useful for cakes that are not high. A wedding cake is a focal point of a wedding reception; elevating the cake increases its prominence and attraction.

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To Create Illusion of Size

A cake stand can help to create illusion of a larger size for small cakes. So you definitely need a cake stand if your wedding cake is small. You may not need to buy the cake stand, your cake decorator can help you rent. They can also add it as a bonus to their service.

Types of Wedding Cake Stands

There are various styles of wedding cake stands and each has its significance. We would help you understand each type and the kind of wedding its best suited for.

Pedestal Design

Pedestal wedding cake stand is elevated in the middle by some kind of pillar. It elevates a cake higher than most other cake stands and is quite popular and commonly used by most cake decorators. This is very ideal for single or double tier cakes.

Wedding cake stands with this design can be bought in a set or singly; it all depends on how you want to use it.

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Plateau Design 

Plateau wedding cake stands are not usually as tall as the pedestal cake stands. This design is raised evenly above the table and helps to lift a cake off the table. This type of cake stand is most appropriate for tall cakes (three tiers and more).

A plateau wedding cake stand works as a decorative piece on which the cakes stand. It also slightly elevates the cake from the table; this is because tall cakes do not require too much elevation.

This type of cake stand is usually wider than other types of wedding cake stands and is ideal for displaying wide cakes.

The aesthetic value of the plateau wedding cake stand is increased when it is used with other decorative elements. This means that the cake table has to be adorned with items such as flower petals, chiffon tablecloths or tulle.

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Cake Plates

Just as its name suggests, this is just a plate specifically designed for displaying cakes. It is the flat option of cake stands and is usually ornamental. This option is best for large cakes or a wedding cake that has many tiers that requires no elevation.

Another reason one might choose a cake plate is the need for simplicity; this comes to play in intimate weddings or for display of small cakes.

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Floating Design

A floating cake stand is designed to give an illusion that each cake is suspended in the air. The design of the stand is such that the stabilizer or pillar that holds the bases is behind. This means that the cakes hide the support structure thus creating the impression that the cakes are suspended in the air.

Originally, the floating cake stand was used as a variation of the traditional three tier stacked wedding cake. These days however, there are different variations to this design but they all work to create the same illusion. They come designed for two tiered cakes as well as for up to seven tiered cakes.

This type of wedding cake stand is usually made with metal, plastic , acrylic or glass and are transparent . Color of any kind would of course defeat the purpose of the design.

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Pillared Design 

Pillared cake stand involves the use of pillars to support the different cake tiers. Most designs of this type of cake stand come with a base stand and its pillars. So if you are displaying a three tier cake, you would need three sets of base stands and pillars;one for each tier.

You have the option of starting out with the first tier of the cake on a base without the pillars. You can also decide to have the pillars on the base before placing the first tier or all the tiers.

If you decide to use the second option of using pillars for the first tier of cake, you would need a centerpiece under the cake. There are several things you can use as the centerpiece and they include: fountains, candles, flowers, sculptures and theme decor.

Some cake decorators use other elements as substitute for the pillars in displaying their cakes. The pillars are replaced with different kinds of elements that are structured enough to bear the weight of the cakes.

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We cannot categorically say that these types of wedding cake stands are the only type that are available today. The most constant thing in the world of cake decoration is the constant evolution of styles, designs and techniques.

Before we go ahead,we recommend that you check out these articles:-

Different Styles of  Arranging Wedding Cake Stands

Group Arrangement

There are several ways to arrange the tiers of a wedding cake individually. One of such styles is the group arrangement. In this arrangement, each cake is placed on its own stand.

The individual cake stands are then arranged at different angles and different height. This arrangement allows the cake decorator to experiment with different angles and heights. Though each cake stands alone, they all tie in to create a desired effect.

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Group Arrangement Of Wedding Cake Stands

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Flight of Stairs Arrangement

In this style of cake stand arrangement, the desired effect is for the cakes to create a staircase. The wedding cake stands are graduated; from the shortest one being in front to the tallest coming last. This creates an impression of a flight of stairs.

For this style, you may buy individual cake stands of graduated sizes. They may be of different designs or the same design. There are also stands that are one piece of graduated tiers.

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Circular Arrangement

The circular arrangement of wedding cake stands entails that you arrange the stands symmetrically. As with the foregoing arrangement, the shortest is always at the front with the tallest bringing up the rear. There are many ways of working this arrangement; it all depends on the effect you want to create.

You can use  wedding cake stands of the same design that are of graduated sizes. You can also use cake plates that are the same design but different heights. And finally you can use either cake plates or wedding cake stands that are different designs and different heights.

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Asymmetric Arrangement

This arrangement works perfectly for cake tiers that are of  different shapes and sizes. Some couples love to have cakes on individual guest tables; this means that one cake on a cake stand would be placed on each table. Others may want to have an eclectic effect on their cake table. Thus you can have square, hexagon, round and heart shaped cakes, each placed on a separate cake stand.

You can then arrange these stands anyway you want. It can be in a straight line, to form a square, circle or just “haphazardly”

However you want to arrange the cake stands, it has to be deliberate so that it won’t look like a mistake. There should be an element that would tie all the cakes and cake stands together.

This could be the same kind of gum paste flower, an ornament or a theme on the cake design.

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Final Thoughts on Arrangement of Wedding Cake Stands

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a style for the arrangement of your wedding cake:-

(i) The number of cake stands you’d be arranging – This would help you determine which style would work best. What works for a three tier cake might not be appropriate for a five or seven tier cake and vice versa.

(ii) The theme of the wedding – A Victorian wedding and a beach wedding are worlds apart as far as wedding theme goes. The arrangement of wedding cake stands for both weddings would definitely be worlds apart.

(iii) The type of cake stands – The type of wedding cake stand you choose would determine the type of arrangement you can have.

(iv) There is no right or wrong methods of wedding cake stand arrangement- No matter the type of wedding cake stands you choose, the arrangement can always be tweaked. Give your imagination free rein to play around with the different kind of arrangements.


Factors to Consider Before Buying a Wedding Cake Stand

There are so many designs and styles of wedding cake stands, so much so that it leaves one confused as to what choice to make. We know that generally, there’s no right or wrong choice but an individual can make the wrong choice for their occasion.

There are many factors that come into play in making the right choice of a wedding cake stand. Some of these factors include but are not limited to the following:

Number of Cake Tiers

The number of guests that are expected in a wedding determines the number of cake tiers or the size of the cake. This in turn determines the type of wedding cake stand that’s most suitable. What this means is that you have to first settle the number of guests you’d have at your wedding.

After this, you then move on to choosing the cake which entails the number of tiers involved. Then finally you choose the type of wedding cake stand that’s suitable for the cake chosen.

Size of the Wedding Cake Stand

When choosing a wedding cake stand, you should ensure that you chose one with commensurate size to your cake. The ideal thing is to have a cake stand with a bottom plate that’s the same size with the bottom tier cake board.

In a case where this isn’t possible, then the plate of the cake stand should be a little bit bigger than the cake board of the bottom tier.
This is to ensure that you have maximum stability for your cake as a wider base allows it to sit more securely.

The Maximum Weight the Cake Stand Can Carry

In addition to the size of the cake stand, the capacity is also very essential. You have to be sure that the wedding cake stand can bear the weight of the cake to be placed on it.

You can ascertain this by asking the manufacturer or seller the maximum weight the stand can carry. Then with this knowledge you can stack items of the approximated weight of your cake on the stand to test it.

Note that unless you are an expert on wedding cake stands, you might not be able to estimate the weight compliance of a stand.

So to  further avoid making mistakes, you can read reviews of people who have bought and used the product you are considering.
Some of these reviews even come with pictures to give you an idea of what to expect.

Material of Construction of the Wedding Cake Stand

This factor contributes largely to the amount of weight a wedding cake stand can carry. We have already ascertained that wedding cake stands are made of different material and they all have their merits and demerits.

Time would fail us to discuss these materials individually and examine their merits and demerits. However we would give you some tips on what to look out for as far as material of the cake stand is concerned.

Tips on Choosing the Right Material of Wedding Cake Stand

Heavy cakes and multi tiered cakes require cake stands that are sturdy and stable. Metal wedding cake stands are usually the best for heavy cakes.

If you want to use exquisite wedding cake stands like crystal, acrylic and glass, then you best consider individual cake stands. This would work well because these types of cake stands are not designed for heavy cakes.

Most  plateau cake stands work well for multi tiered stacked cakes because they have the highest stability and strength. They are usually designed with strong base and are structured to hold heavy cakes. The cake plate on these types of stands maybe of any material but the base is usually strong enough to hold stacked cakes.

Cake stands with pillar are usually made with plastic and most of them are strong plastic. The pillars of the stand are placed in such a way that the weight of the cake is evenly distributed on the pillars.

Ensure that you know how to reinforce your cake and stack them without issues if you decide to buy this type of cake stand. Also ensure that the product you choose is top quality to avoid mishap.

Functionality and Versatility of the Wedding Cake Stand

If you are not a cake decorator, you should be concerned about the versatility of whatever wedding cake stand you want to buy.

Some wedding cake stands can function only as such; they can’t be used for any other purpose. There are others that can be used for different purposes. It might not make sense for you to spend money on something you’ll use only once.

You can either rent a wedding cake stand, or ask your cake decorator whether they can add it to your package. You can also decide to buy a cake stand that you can use for entertaining on special occasions.

Cake decorators should be more concerned about the functionality of the wedding cake stand they choose. A functional wedding cake stand is one that suits the occasion and is appropriate for the cake style and design chosen.

Cost of the Wedding Cake Stand

Wedding cake stands come in varying price ranges; whatever your budget, there is a wedding cake stand for you.

Considering the factors discussed above, you can be guided on how best to make your budget work for you. You may not have to buy a wedding cake stand if you can reach an understanding with your cake decorator.

Cake decorators need to consider factoring in the cost of  wedding cake stand into charges for wedding cakes. This would even give you an edge because you’d save couples the stress of separately sourcing for wedding cake stand.


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Wedding Cake Stands – FAQs

What Can I Use Instead Of A Cake Stand?

If you do not have a cake stand readily on hand, you can make one on hand. Just ensure that you have a base that’s sturdy enough to carry the weight of the cake(s). You can use a goblet, cake boards/drums, Styrofoam boards or even cake pans. Check out this site for some ideas that would help jumpstart your imagination:-

What Do You Put On A Wedding Cake Table?

There are so many things you can put on your wedding cake table. Bear in mind however, that the rule of thumb is that nothing overshadows the wedding cake itself.

You can place some bouquet of flowers on both sides of the cake (if they are large bouquets) or you can place small bouquets all around the table. This is a great idea especially if the wedding cake is decorated with flowers.

Another thing you can place on the wedding cake table is some decorative candles. Remember they are just to accentuate and not overshadow the wedding cake itself.  There is no limit to what you can use to embellish your wedding cake table. The goal is to make your wedding cake have a beautiful background for pictures. 

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How Do I Make A Small Wedding Cake Look Bigger?

One of the most common and fail safe methods of making your small wedding cake look bigger is by using a tall wedding cake stand. If you read through the main article about wedding cakes again, you would already have your answer on the different ways of using a wedding cake stand to make your small wedding cake look bigger.

But if the reason why you are forced to make a small wedding cake is because you fear that the cake would go to waste, here’s what you can do.  Let’s take for example a situation where you need just 3 cake tiers but you want a 7 tier cake. Make the required 3 tiers of real cake and then make 4 tiers of fake cakes. This is a trick that’s employed all the time for different reasons. At the end of the day, no one would know that any of your cake tiers are fakes.

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