What to put on a baby shower cake

What To Put On A Baby Shower Cake

What to put on a baby shower cake is usually a dilemma to many expectant parents. This is because they are either so excited about the coming baby or have too many ideas for the baby shower.

However, it is the job of the cake decorator to help streamline the ideas and excitement into something practical and workable.

If you plan on making your baby shower cake yourself, this article would come in handy. Click here to check out our cake recipe guide for great recipes to try out.

If you are having a girl, go for the strawberry cake recipes and if it’s a boy, try the white cake recipes with some blue food coloring.  This is just a personal preference though! You can make any cake recipe you like and decorate in either gender denoting colors or neutral colors.

Another way of spicing up your baby shower cake or buttressing your theme for the day is what you put on the baby shower cake.

You can use many decorative accents as cake toppers. They can either be artificial or edible; stuff like animals (made from gum paste or fondant), monograms or different sugar modelling figures.FLYPARTY Children's Birthday Candles with Greeting Card,Handmade Adorable Sleeping Baby Baby Shower Baby Birthday Cake Topper Candle, Wedding Festival Party Favors Decorations (Blue Boy) …

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What To Put On A Baby Shower Cake – Fondant Figures

There are so many fun fondant figures that you can put on a baby shower cake. They range from animals to toys, alphabets and cartoon characters. You can either make these figures free hand with modeling tools or use fondant molds.

Tools Needed For Modelling Fondant Figures

The following are the tools and ingredients that you’ll need if you want to make your baby shower cake topper


Vegetable Shortening


Food Coloring

Fondant modelling tools 

Fondant Mat and Rolling Pin

Pizza Cutter or Craft Knife

There are more fondant figures or animals than what we can explain in a single article.

Here’s a video on how to make a baby nappy bag. There are several elements in this video that you can learn how to make and put on another cake design of your choice.

Making Fondant Figures and Animals with Fondant Molds

Fondant molds are a great way of getting decorative accents for your baby shower projects. They are quite easy to use and saves a lot of time and energy.

Check out this video; although the instructor does not speak English, you can get the gist of how to use the fondant molds.

What To Put On A Baby Shower Cake – Monograms and Cake Toppers

Monograms and cake toppers are also fun accents that tie in your cakes to the theme of the day.  You can get monograms or cake toppers online, DIY or customize from artists or producers.

They are in fact the easiest things to put on a baby shower cake. Once you conceive the idea of what you want, discuss it with your cake decorator or source for it yourself. There are lots of designs and  themes that you can purchase both online and offline.

So finally, with fondant modelling tools, fondant molds and baby shower cake toppers at your disposal, you can always have something cute to put on your baby shower cakes.

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