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Whysko Mixing Bowl Set – An Honest Review

Whysko Mixing Bowl Set – An Honest Review

The Whysko Mixing Bowl Set is a top quality commercial grade set that delivers great functionality to your kitchen.

One may be tempted to ask what the big deal is about mixing bowls because they are seemingly “basic”. Unlike some other cake mixing tools, mixing bowls are not high tech gadgets and that’s why they are often taken for granted.

Truth be told however, mixing bowls are utensils that every kitchen must have. Whether you bake/cook once a month or every minute of the day, you cannot do without mixing bowls. So for a utensil that’s this important, you cannot afford to buy anything but the best.  That’s the reason why we are reviewing the Whysko Mixing Bowl Set.

This set comes loaded with many features that we would explore shortly.  Before we continue however, we are going to introduce you to the Whysko brand.


Brand Profile

Whysko is a manufacturer of kitchen ware and utensils. The primary goal of Whysko is to ensure that its customers are always satisfied.

Its team of designers is constantly researching and innovating to bring useful and functional products to its customers. In addition to that they work tirelessly to also ensure that these products come at very affordable prices.

That said, it is worth mentioning that Whysko does not cut corners to make this affordability possible. It still ensures that all its products go through the proper process of testing and quality control. By so doing it consistently delivers the right combination of quality and affordability to its customers.

Another factor that depicts it respect for customer satisfaction is the hassle free ordering, delivery and return policy.  This process is designed to guarantee ultimate customer satisfaction.

Whysko is always eager to serve you and to retain you as a return and loyal customer. Why not give it a trial by buying the Whysko Mixing Bowl Set?

Now let’s go on to our exploration of the features of the Whysko Mixing Bowl Set.


Features of the Whysko Mixing Bowl Set


Graduating Sizes of Bowls

Whsyko Mixing Bowl Set

The bowls in this set come in graduating sizes and are adequate for different tasks in the kitchen. These sizes are ¾, 1.5, 3, 4, and 5 quarts.  So you have a bowl for tasks such as whisking a few eggs to a bowl for double batches of your favorite cookie recipe.




Air Tight Silicone Lids

Each bowl has an airtight lid that’s made of top quality silicone. These lids transition your mixing bowls into storage bowls. There’s no need to worry when you mix up double batches of your recipes and you have leftovers. These bowls are safe for storage and the airtight lids would ensure freshness and prevent odor during storage.

Flat Wide Bowl Lip

The bowls all have flat wide lips that make it easy for the user to have a steady grip during usage.

Stackable Design

Whysko Mixing Bowl Set

All the bowls are designed to fit into one another so that you can save storage space in your cabinet. They can also be stacked on top of one another in the fridge(that’s when the lids are on).




Top Quality Materials

The bowls are made of top quality stainless steel that is rust resistant. The lids also are made of BPA free silicone and are food grade and safe.

Fridge, Freezer and Dishwasher Safe

This set is fridge, freezer and dishwasher safe. So even if you use all the bowls in one food prep, you needn’t bother about clean up. Just stick them in the dishwasher and you’re done!  When you have leftovers, put the lids on them and put into the fridge or freezer!

Do you love these features enumerated above? Click here to buy the Whysko Mixing Bowl Set.


Benefits of the Whysko Mixing Bowls Set

These wonderful features that we have discussed afford the user of this set many benefits. Let’s explore some of these benefits…

Heavy Duty Mixing Bowls

The top quality of materials used in the manufacture of this set makes it appropriate for heavy duty tasks. So when you purchase this set, you get a commercial grade mixing bowl set. This means that it can withstand vigorous and frequent use without succumbing to wear and tear.

Food Safe Set

With the Whysko Mxiing Bowl Set, you don’t need to worry about the safety of meals prepared for your family.  The fact that the set is made with BPA toxin free materials ensure its food safety.

Functionality and Versatility

This set is functional because you can’t do without a mixing bowl in any food prep task. This set is beautifully designed that it’s so easy to transition from a mixing bowl set to a serving bowl set.  it therefore means that you are getting both functionality and versatility from one set. Don’t forget that you can also use the bowls for storage!

Ease of Use and Cleaning

The design of this mixing bowl set lends itself to convenience. First you have steady grip on the bowls due to the flat wide lip of the bowl. Secondly, the airtight lids ensure you don’t have to transfer to another bowl for storage. And lastly, the bowls are dishwasher safe making cleanup a breeze!Whysko Mixing Bowl set

Ease of Storage

The nesting design of the bowls makes them stackable thereby saving you storage space. This also means that your cabinet looks less cluttered. Even with the lids on, these bowls can stack on top of each other. That’s a great space saver for you.

Are you ready to start enjoying these benefits? Click here to buy the Whysko Mixing Bowl Set.


Demerits of the Whysko Mixing Bowl Set


Bowls are Not Very Thick

Not many demerits have been noted about the Whysko Mixing Bowl Set.  One feature that could use some improvement is the thickness of the bowl.

The fact that the bowls are not as thick as some other stainless steel bowls in the market is a disadvantage.  This factor also makes the bowl to pop out underneath when mixing heavy recipes. However this can be corrected by gently applying pressure to the bottom of the bowl.

 The Lids May Not Be Dishwasher Safe

There have been reports of the lids becoming warped in the dishwasher. So buyer beware; you might need to wash the lids by hand to avoid this.


Verified Buyer Opinions of The Whysko Mixing Bowl Set

A good number of verified buyers were kind enough to send in reviews of this product. Most of these reviews are positive but a few aren’t. let’s take a look at some of the positive and negative reviews.


Positive Reviews

5-star Review from a Working Mom

The review sent in from a working mom was that this is one of the smartest purchases she has made so far. She can now prepare all the meals for the week on Sunday and store them in the freezer with these bowls. This she testifies has made her life much easier.

Another 5-star Review Because Of Airtight Lids

Another satisfied customer gave this mixing bowl set a 5-star rating because of the airtight lids. Although she mentioned that the bowls were thinner than she would have like, she still loved the mixing bowls.  She states that they are just right for what she needed them for.

Easy to Clean and Without Spots

The ease of cleaning this set and the fact that it doesn’t have dirt spots after cleaning was a big plus. This customer testifies that the set is dishwasher safe (we may need to ask whether this includes the lids). But overall, the customer is happy with the purchase.

Stackable Design, Lightweight Yet Sturdy Mixing Bowl Set

There are several positive reviews based on the fact that the bowls can be stacked. Many customers also commented that they were surprised that though it is lightweight it was sturdy. Furthermore it could still be used for heavy duty tasks.

Great Design and Quite Useful

This was the sentiment of one verified buyer. She was pleased with the finish of the mixing bowls; the brushed exteriors and mirror, shiny interior. In addition to this, she could safely use a hand mixer with it without damaging the finish.


Negative Reviews

 Not Recommended!

One disgruntled customer out rightly gave the product 1-star and warned that no one should buy the product.  The reasons given were the quality of the bowls and the lids. We were surprised because these same features where what many customers raved about.

We just thought to mention this although it may be a fluke.

Not Satisfied With Weight of the Mixing Bowls

Another customer wasn’t satisfied with the weight of the mixing bowls. They would have prefer sturdy bowls that were heavier. They also felt they were deceived by the picture; this made them give the product a 2-star rating.


These cons of the Whysko Mixing Bowl Set weren’t enough to dissuade many customers from buying it again if the need arose.  So if you’d like to buy this set and try it out yourself, click here to buy the Whysko Mixing Bowl Set.


However if you want to do a little more exploring, let’s check out the following alternatives:-


Alternatives to the Whysko Mixing Bowl Set


Cheaper Option From The Same Brand

Whysko Mixing Bowl Set Without Lids

Whysko Mixing Bowl Sets

The Whysko Mixing Bowls Set comprises of 5 mixing bowls just like the featured product. It also has almost the same features apart from the slight difference in shape and the lack of covers.

We don’t want to be repetitive by stating all the features we have discussed above. However the reason why we mention this product is that it’s a cheaper option from the same brand.

If you love the features of our main product but don’t want to spend so much you can buy this set. You’ll get the same benefits with a little innovation on your part.  One of such is that you can always use a plastic wrap or cling film to cover the bowls for storage.

We are sure that you can find other means of making the best out of this set. Click here to buy the Whysko Mixing Bowls without Lids now.


High End Stainless Steel Bowls Without Lids

OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Stainless-Steel Mixing Bowl Set White

Whysko Mixing Bowls

The OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Set comprises of three mixing bowls of graduated sizes. These sizes are 1.5-quart, 3-quart and 5-quart.

You can use the smallest size to whisk eggs or whip up small recipes, the medium bowl works well with a hand mixer while the largest bowl is ideal for doubling recipes.

These bowl set is a high end product not only because of the brand name but because of its quality.  The stainless steel quality would not retain any color, flavor or odor. This allows you to use it for a wide variety of culinary chores.

The exterior of the bowls are coated with white plastic for insulation. This protects the hands of the user in case of hot ingredients.

You are assured of stability when mixing your ingredients because of the non skid base of the bowls. The bowls also nest to give you ease of storage.  They are also ideal for chilling or marinating food ; best of all, they are dishwasher safe!

Click here to buy the OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Stainless-Steel Mixing Bowl Set White.


Extra Large Capacity

 Monka Premium Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set

Whsyko Mixing Bowls


The Monka Premium Mixing Bowl Set is a set of mixing bowls designed to deliver top quality assistance in your daily culinary endeavors. There are four bowls in this set and their sizes are 1.5qt, 3 qt, 5qt and 8qt.

These bowls are ideal for prepping meals for large families or commercial kitchens. For bakers who work with large batches of recipes, this is also an ideal set.

Not only does this set have large capacity bowls but it is also made with top grade stainless steel. The bowls are not as flimsy as most stainless steel bowls in the market.  In addition also, the silicone coating at the bottom provides a non slip base for the bowls.  This gives the bowls stability when you are using them.

Furthermore, this silicon coating protects your working surface and countertops from dents and scratches. This feature in addition to the quality of the stainless steel makes this set very durable.

These bowls are also dishwasher safe making them easy to clean after use.

Click here to buy the Monka Premium Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set.


Plastic Mixing Bowl Set

Monka Premium Plastic Mixing Bowl Set

Whysko Bowls

The Monka Premium Plastic Mixing Bowl Set is a set of mixing bowls made with high quality silicon and polypropylene.  This is to ensure that the bowls are BPA free and won’t seep harmful chemicals into your food.

This is a handy set for any baker or cook as there are many culinary tasks that these bowls can help you achieve.

Not only can you prep your food and ingredients in these bowls, they also come in handy for serving pop corn and snacks on movie nights.

The Monka Mixing Bowl Set has silicon coating at the base of each bowl. This provides both protection for the working surface and also stability of the bowl during use.

With the pour spout of each bowl, you achieve a less messy pouring of your ingredients. This in turn saves you some time because you don’t have to be overly careful when turning out your batter and mixes.

A bonus measuring cup is included with the purchase of this set. Click here to buy the Monka Premium Plastic Mixing Bowl Set.


Before we release you to go shopping, let’s have a quick recap of the products discussed. Here’s a table of comparison.


Table of Comparison

Whysko Mixing Bowl SetWhysko Mixing Bowl Set Without Lids OXO 1107600 Good Grips 3-Piece Bowl Set


Monka Premium Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set


Monka Premium Plastic Mixing Bowl Set


CategoryStainless Steel Mixing Bowls With LidsTop Quality Steel Mixing Bowl Set Without LidsStainless Steel BowlsPlastic Mixing Bowls
No in Set55 bowls343
Bowl Sizes  in Quarts¾, 1.5, 3, 4, and 5 quartsSame as previous1 ½ ,  3  and 51.5,3, 5, 8 quart bowls1 ½ , 3 and 5 quart
ColorSilver with Black LidsSameWhiteSilverBlue, green and light yellow
MaterialStainless SteelSteelStainless SteelStainless steel  and siliconeplastic
Extra FeaturesFlat wide rimDeep and wide interiorInsulated Exterior, no corner interior and non slip baseLarge capacity bowlsBonus measuring cup
Product DimensionsNot SpecifiedUnspecified11.2 x 6.3 x 11.9 in11.8 x 11.8 x 5.9 inches11.8 x 11.7 x 6.2 inches



We took time to research this product so that we’ll be able to give you an honest review. We hope that you have garnered enough information to help you make the right choice for you.

From all the reviews we have read and other factors discovered in the course of our research, we can safely say that this is a good product.

You may decide not to buy it if it doesn’t fit your specifications. However, we want you to  bear in mind that if you decide to buy this product  you’ll get your money’s worth.

Click here to buy the Whysko Mixing Bowl Set.


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