How long does it take for fondant decorations to dry?

How Long Does It Take Fondant Decorations To Dry?

Fondant decorations can take as little as 2 hours or as much as 36 hours to dry. The length it would take a fondant decoration to dry is dependent on many factors. These factors include recipe, size and shape of the decoration, thickness of the decoration and weather condition.

The following are some of those factors that determine how long it would take for fondant decorations to dry:-

(i) Recipe used to make the fondant decoration – if you make your fondant decoration with just the regular fondant used to cover your cake, then expect that it would take as long as 24 to 36 hours to dry. But if you add ingredients such as tylose or CMC to the fondant, you would hasten the process.

(ii) Climate /Weather – Fondant decorations take longer time to dry in regions that have high humidity. That is why you need to check out our tips on how to store fondant decorations in humid climate. You would also learn how to dry your fondant decorations faster.

(iii) Size and thickness of the decoration – This would determine how fast or slowly the fondant decoration would dry. For example a fondant teddy bear would need longer time to dry than a fondant rose flower or fondant pearl.

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Therefore you need to take all these factors into consideration if you need to use fondant decorations. To be on the safe side, you best make your fondant decorations at least a day before you need to use them.

As with every rule, there’s always an exception. So the exception to the rule of making fondant decorations ahead of time is if the decoration doesn’t need to have structure. Some fondant decorations that do not need to be made ahead of time include small fondant flowers such as gardenias and daisies.

Tips For Making Fondant Decorations Dry Faster 

Considering the above factors that we have said can affect the time it would take for your fondant decorations to dry, there are several things that you can do to hasten the process. Check out the following  tips that would help you make your fondant decorations dry faster:-

(i) Add CMC or Tylose powder to your fondant –  Add some CMC or tylose powder if you want to use your fondant to form figures or make flowers with multiple petals.

The recommended quantity of CMC to fondant is at least 1 teaspoon to 450 grams of fondant. You can add the CMC or tylose while you are making the fondant or after making it.

Start out with one teaspoon of CMC/tylose powder and check the hardness as you go.

(ii) Use Salt – Put salt in a box and place your decoration in the box. Ensure that the decoration is very close to the salt but not touching it. This is to ensure that the taste of the salt would not filter into the fondant decoration.

(iii) Use an Oven – Light your oven and set it at medium heat. Leave the oven on for about 10 mins then put it off. Afterwards place the decorations in the oven and but leave the oven door slightly open.  You can also use the oven light as a dryer; leave the oven light on and place your fondant decorations inside.

(iv) Use a Food Dehydrator –  A food dehydrator is a good way of drying your fondant decorations very fast. Check out our article on gumpaste flowers.

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(v) Use a blow dryer or fan – you can also place your fondant decoration on a parchment paper on a tray. Switch on the blow dryer on medium heat and use it to blow warm air all over the decorations. You can also place the tray in front of the fan and leave it there overnight


How Long Does It Take Fondant Decorations To Dry – FAQs 

Does Fondant Dry Out?

Fondant dries out very fast and that is why speed is expedient when using fondant in cake decoration. Also ensure that you keep your fondant properly covered when working with fondant.

Cut out on only the quantity needed to cover one cake per time if you are covering several tiers of cake with fondant . Then ensure that you wrap the remaining fondant in a plastic bag until you need it.

When making fondant decorations also keep  the fondant that is not in use well wrapped up. If you are making fondant flowers, then use a fondant storage pad. This pad comes in handy for both rolling out the fondant and storing it to prevent the fondant from drying out.

How long does it take fondant to dry?
Fondant Storage Pad

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How Do You Store Fondant Decorations Overnight?

You can store fondant decorations overnight in several ways but do not for any reason store them in the fridge.

Here are some factors to bear in mind when storing your fondant decorations overnight:-

(i) Ensure that the fondant decoration dries fully before storing it.

(ii) Place in an airtight container and ensure that there is no humidity in the space where you are keeping the fondant decorations.

(iii) Ensure that you keep the decorations out of sunlight. So it has to be kept in a cool dry and dark place.

Can Fondant Decorations Be Made In Advance?

Fondant decorations can be made in advance. It is even best to make your fondant decorations in advance. This would give the decorations enough time to dry out naturally.

Fondant decorations need to dry out well so that they would stay put when you attach them to your cake.

If you have an order for a wedding cake that requires a lot of sugar flowers or fondant decorations, you must of necessity make them in advance. It is advised that you start as early as two weeks to due date.

One of the advantages of making your fondant decorations in advance includes having enough time to correct any errors that may occur.

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