How To Make Fondant Without Marshmallow

There are many advantages to making fondant from scratch. And some people have asked us how to make fondant without marshmallow. Not to worry, there are many recipes for making fondant without marshmallow.

However, we would share just two recipes with you in this article. We have also compiled some recipes and there are a number of recipes for frostings in that compilation. Click here to read it.

How To Make Fondant Without Marshmallow; Recipe #1


 Ingredients Needed

Wilton Meringue Powder Egg White Substitute, 8 oz.


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¼ cup or 60ml fresh whipping cream

1 and ½ Tablespoon of Gelatin (it’s best to use white Gelatin)

½ Teaspoon Meringue powder

½ cup or 120ml Glucose or light corn syrup

3 Tablespoons Vegetable Shortening or Unsalted butter

1 and ½ Tablespoon Glycerin

½ Teaspoon Salt

2 Teaspoons Vanilla extract or Almond Extract

5 cups or 700 g icing sugar

Extra 1 Cup 200 g icing sugar (for kneading)Knox Original Unflavored Gelatine Dessert Mix (32 Packets)


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Tools Needed

Mixing bowls (one large bowl and smaller ones for small ingredients)

Stand mixer with dough hooks

Measuring cups or kitchen scale

Measuring spoons

Method for Preparation

(i) Combine the meringue powder, salt and 4 cups of the icing sugar in a bowl and set aside.

(ii) Get a bowl that is microwave safe and place the cream in it. Then sprinkle the gelatin over it and let it sit for about 2 minutes to bloom.

(iii) Place this mixture in the microwave and set it on high for 30 seconds per time until the gelatin dissolves.

(iv) Add the glucose or corn syrup, food flavor or glycerin to the dissolved gelatin and stir until well combined.

(v) You may need to put it back in the microwave for about 10 seconds more. If you are making colored fondant, this is the point to add your color.

(vi) Make a well in the middle of the dry ingredients that you set aside in step (i) and mix well. Next add the remaining icing sugar and knead well, not forgetting to add the vegetable shortening or butter. This would help the dough not to get sticky.

(vii) After you have formed a dough, transfer the fondant to a working surface and knead. Add more icing sugar if your dough is too soft or vegetable shortening to your hands if the dough is too dry. But be careful with adding icing sugar at this point so that the fondant would not be dry.

(viii) This fondant is best left to rest in the fridge overnight before use. Store left over fondant in a plastic wrap and put in a Ziploc bag in a cool dry place.

This recipe was adapted from


How To Make Fondant Without Marshmallow – Recipe #2

Ingredients Needed

2 Tablespoons Gelatin

¼ Cup Water

2 Tablespoon Lemon Juice

½ Cup Glucose

2 Tablespoon Vanilla or Almond flavor ( You can also use any other flavor of your choice)

5 Teaspoon Glycerin

2-3 lb or  1 and ½ kg Icing Sugar Wilton Glycerine (Stir In To Dried Out Icing To Restore)


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Method For Preparation 

(i) Remove one cup of the icing sugar and set aside. Then sift the remaining into a large mixing bowl.

(ii) Place the warm water in a small bowl and sprinkle the gelatin over it. Add the lemon juice and leave the mixture for 5 minutes to bloom.

(iii) Measure out the glucose in a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 30 seconds.

(iv) Add the glycerin and flavor to the glucose and mix until thoroughly combined.

(v) Microwave your gelatin mix for 15 seconds. Then add it to the glucose mix and combine thoroughly.

(vi) Make a well in the middle of the icing sugar and pour the liquid mixture into it. Combine thoroughly. Once this mixture forms a ball, transfer to the working surface.

(vii) Ensure that your working surface is clean and well dusted with the remaining icing sugar before placing your fondant on it.

(viii) Knead the fondant well. If it gets too sticky, add a little more icing sugar. Don’t forget to grease your hands with vegetable shortening. This would also help make the fondant more pliable and glossy.

(ix) Wrap the fondant in a plastic wrap and place in a Ziploc bag.

This recipe can last for a minimum of two months.  Also note that this recipe is not compliant with intense colors.

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