how to make whipped cream like Walmart

How To Make Whipped Icing Like Walmart

Some cake decorators are faced with the dilemma of how to make whipped icing like Walmart. This is because some of their customers have asked them to make cakes with frosting just like Walmart’s.

But why bother looking for how to make whipped icing like Walmart? The recipe is Walmart’s trademark. Would you share your secret ingredient with the whole world? I think not!   If a customer wants a cake with Walmart’s whipped icing, don’t you think it’s best for them to go buy from Walmart?

Well if not and you still feel that you want to try and replicate Walmarts whipped icing, we would share three recipes with you.

You can also buy  pre-whipped cream from Amazon; some cake decorators swear that it is close to the Walmart recipe.

How to make whipped icing like walmart
whipped icing
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How To Make Whipped Icing Like Walmart – Recipe #1

Walmart’s Whipped Buttercream Icing

This recipe would help you make whipped buttercream icing that’s just like the one you buy in Walmart.  You would need the following ingredients to make it:-


2 Cups, 8 Sticks or 454 g Butter

3 Cups or 384g Icing Sugar

2/3 Cup, 158ml or 5.3 fl oz. Sweetened Condensed Milk

2 Egg Whites

½ Teaspoon Clear Vanilla Extract 

How to make whipped icing like walmart
Condensed milk
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Steps For Preparation

(i) Get a large mixing bowl and place the butter and 2 cups of icing sugar in it. Set your mixer on low speed and mix until it is a smooth paste. Shift the mixer to medium speed, add the milk. Then whip it until mixture becomes light and fluffy.

(ii) Place the egg whites in a clean grease- free bowl and whisk until if forms a stiff peak. Add half cup of the icing sugar as you mix. Thereafter, add this mixture slowly to the butter and sugar mixture.

(iii) Finally, add the vanilla and the remaining icing sugar and mix gently until well incorporated. You can add more icing sugar if you want a stiffer icing consistency.

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How To Make Whipped Icing Like Walmart – Recipe #2

Whipped Icing Similar To Walmart’s 


2 Cups, 256 Icing Sugar

¼ Cup, 59 ml or 2 fl oz Milk

2 Cups Heavy Whipping Cream (chilled)

A pinch of cream of tartar


Steps For Preparation

(i) Place the icing sugar, cream of tartar and milk in a large mixing bowl. Whisk until mixture is smooth. Cover and place in the fridge for at least one hour. You can also make this step 4 hours to when you want to use the frosting.

(ii) Bring out the refrigerated mixture and gently beat in the whipping cream into it. Continue beating until it forms a stiff peak. Go ahead and use it.

This recipe was adapted from

How to make whipped Icing like walmart
Hand mixer
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Recipe #3

Whipped Cream Icing 

This recipe is for those who are not particular about replicating Walmart whipped icing recipe.


2 Cups, 470ml or 16 fl oz Heavy Whipping Cream (cold)

¼ Cup or 32g Icing Sugar

2 Teaspoon Clear Vanilla Extract

Instructions For Preparation

(i) Place the Whipping cream in a mixing bowl. If you are using a stand mixer, use the whisk attachment. You can also use a hand mixer to make this recipe.

(ii) Add the icing sugar and vanilla extract into the whipping cream and whisk on high speed for a few minutes.

(iii) Keep a close watch on your mixer (especially if you are using a stand mixer). The cream whips up very fast so you have to be careful not to over whip it or else the cream will curdle.

(iv) Your cream is ready when it forms a soft peak.

Adapted from



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How To Make Whipped Icing Like Walmart – FAQs 

What Is Whipped Icing Made Of?

Whipped icing is made of heavy whipping cream and powdered sugar. Meringue powder is sometimes added to give the frosting a level of stability.

When you want to make whipping icing or whipped cream frosting as it is also called, you follow these simple steps:-

(i) Chill the whipping cream (also called heavy cream). Also chill all the utensils that you would use to make the whipped cream frosting. These include your mixing bowl, mixer blades and spatula.

(ii) Whip the heavy cream/whipping cream until it is light and fluffy.

(iii) Add your powdered sugar slowly as you keep mixing until the mixture forms soft peaks.

(iv) You can color the whipped cream frosting but it’s best to leave it plain. If you must color the frosting make sure that it is light.  Note that this frosting must be used immediately it is prepared and that any cake or baked treat it is used on has to be refrigerated.

how to make whipping icing like walmart
whisk for whipping cream
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What Is The Difference Between Whipped Frosting And Regular Frosting?

The difference between whipped frosting and regular frosting is in the ingredients involved and the method used in making it.

Whipped frosting is made with heavy whipping cream and powdered sugar. Whisk your heavy cream until it it is light and fluffy  then add the powdered sugar and whisk until soft peaks form.

Regular frosting in the other hand can either be buttercream or royal icing.

Royal icing is made with powdered sugar and egg whites or meringue powder while buttercream is made with  butter  and powdered sugar with a little milk for consistency.

We have a detailed article on the difference between the different types of frostings that there are. Click here to read it.

how to make whipped icing like walmart
whipped cream with cherry on top
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Why Is My Whipping Cream Not Whipping?

There are many reasons why your whipping cream is not whipping and some of these reasons include the following:- not chilling the heavy cream, using the wrong kind of milk and using the wrong mixing equipment and utensils.

The golden rule with making whipped cream is that everything must be chilled. This includes the heavy cream that is to be used and all the utensils and equipment.  The chilling of the heavy cream and all the equipments ensure that the cream whips faster and holds its peak for longer.

The cream used must have at least 30% fat  and that is why you cannot use non dairy milk or any milk that does not have a high fat content.

For more info on how to avoid common mistakes when making whipped cream check out this article  – How to make homemade whipped cream.

how to make whipped icing like walmart
whipped cream dispenser
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