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Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer- An Indepth Review

Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer- An Indepth Review

The NutriChef Electric Hand Mixer is a portable and cordless mixer that’s designed to deliver convenience at all times. It is designed with an inbuilt rechargeable battery and other powerful accessories.

Ever been on a camping expedition or a situation where you can’t have your prized kitchen appliances? Do you often have the need to mix or whip up some recipes without breaking out the stand mixer?

In those situations, you’ll find that the NutriChef Electric Hand Mixer is just what you need.
This portable mixer is a product of NutriChef and before we continue on this review, we’ll discuss a bit about the brand.

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Now back to our discuss…

Brand Profile

The NutriChef brand was born out of a passion for providing alternatives to the convenience of fast food and also get people cooking again.

Most of us have fond memories of times spent in the kitchen over home cooked meals or snacks. Those evenings spent cooking and sharing meals with friends and family are invaluable. That’s what NutriChef seeks to help people to recapture.

One of its guiding principles is that everyone should be able to make healthy meals at home no matter their economic status or skill level.
In addition to that, NutriChef has gone on to manufacture products that make entertaining easier and less stressful.

These products are not only easy and convenient to use but also saves a lot of time and energy. What’s more interesting is that these products are affordable and budget friendly.

Now let’s get back to the features of the Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer

Features of the Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer


100 Watt Motor and Three Speed Settings

NutriChef Electric Hand Mixer

The unit comes equipped with a 100 watt motor and a three speed setting that allows the user to adjust the unit for different culinary tasks. Though not designed for heavy duty tasks such as kneading dough, this mixer pretty much does a great job.

Simple Control Buttons

The controls are buttons that are simple to use and operate. One of these buttons is the eject button that makes for ease of detaching the beaters.NutriChef Electric Hand Mixer


Food Grade Stainless Steel Attachments

The two sets of whisks are designed to tackle different mixing tasks. They function by adapting to the tasks at hand.NutriChef Electric Hand Mixer



In-Built Rechargeable Battery

The major selling point of the Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer is the fact that it can operate without electricity. This is made possible by the in-built rechargeable battery. This mixer can operate for a long time once the battery is fully charged.

NutriChef Electric Hand Mixer


USB Power Cable and Adapter

The lithium battery can be charged by charge pal or any mobile phone charger with the USB charging port. With the adapter, you can adapt the unit to a power source.



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If you want to know the benefits of the Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer before making your decision, here are a few of them:-


Benefits of the Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer


The compact design of the Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer makes it a portable appliance. You can just pack it up and transport whenever you are on the move. It is also easy to store and has very little footprint so doesn’t occupy noticeable space.

No Need For Electricity

This useful appliance comes in handy in those situations where you do not have electricity. This makes it an ideal on site tool and camp site appliance. No more denying yourself the luxury of sumptuous and healthy meals just because of the lack of electricity.

Ease of Use and Clean Up

The Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer is easy to use and clean up. Just assemble your ingredients in a mixing bowl, fix the attachment and mix away! When you are done, press the eject button to detach the attachments and wash under running water.

Affordable Convenience

This simple hand mixer makes life easy for you whether on the go or in your kitchen. Most importantly, it’s convenience at an affordable price. Some customers have testified to buying more than one and keeping in different locations. Others buy one and carry with them to the office and back home daily.

Disadvantages of the Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer

Almost all the disadvantages of the Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer are user specific. What this means is that they are not structural dysfunctions or manufacturer’s defect. For this reason they may not be a disadvantage to some folks and are not deal breakers.

Doesn’t Have Enough Power

The Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer doesn’t have the power of a standard hand mixer. It doesn’t work well for batter that’s harder than a cake mix. The power is also not strong or fast enough for recipes like whipping cream.

Too Fragile For Regular Use

This hand mixer is not useful for frequent and rigorous use. It limits the user to certain recipes. For this reason, you cannot have this as your main kitchen mixer.

Sketchy User Manual

The user manual is not properly articulated. Thankfully this is not a complicated appliance but a well written user manual would still have been appreciated.

Now that we’ve noted some of the disadvantages of this mixer, you can decide whether it a deal or no deal for you. If it’s a deal for you, click here to buy the Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer.


What Customers Are Saying About the Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer

After checking out the features, pros and cons of the Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer, let’s see some reviews from verified buyers.

Positive Reviews

Convenient to Use and Clean

This mixer is a great find; it comes in handy for recipes that the customer hitherto used a fork or a whip to mix. The Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer is much easier to clean than a whisk and less cumbersome than regular hand mixers. You could leave the power on and run the beaters under a tap to clean it. This is one thing you cannot try with regular hand mixers that have cords.

Battery Lasts For Long

The first reason why one customer loves this mixer is because the battery lasts for long after charging. Another reason is because they were able to use it all through the busy thanksgiving season. And finally, they love the fact that this mixer is cordless! Because of these reasons, they bought two more and gave them out as Christmas gifts to family members.

Great alternative to Stand Mixers For Some Recipes

This mixer has been a handy tool for those recipes that didn’t need a heavy duty mixer. This has saved many customers the hassle of bringing out their stand mixers for small or light batches of ingredients. Most of these customers rated the Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer between 5 star and 4 star.

Portable and Easy to Charge and Move Around With

The Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer was bought for camping and though not heavy duty has served the owners well. This is just the ideal product for an RV or trailer and other places where one may not have kitchen space. The ease of charging this mixer was also among the reasons why this product got a 5 star review from a number of customers.

Negative Reviews

The summary of all the negative reviews that our research threw up is this…

The mixer is not a heavy duty hand mixer and doesn’t have as much power as some top quality hand mixers. Anyone who bakes thick/dense recipes shouldn’t buy this mixer.

A lot of the reviews that rated 3- star and below were mainly because the customers were disappointed. They had expected that this portable mixer would have as much power as the regular electric hand mixers with cord. However this wasn’t the case.

Our Verdict

Truth be told, the Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer is not designed to be the only mixer that any serious minded chef/cook would own. From our intensive research, we discovered that this mixer is a great appliance to have as a backup. It can also work well for those light recipes that make you wonder why you should break out the big guns.

Furthermore, this mixer can be a handy tool that bails you out in dicey situations.
Many customers who got the purpose of this mixer and used or are using it for the right purpose are happy with it.

The frustration would arise from buying this mixer to serve the wrong purpose. That’s exactly what happened with many customers who were disgruntled or disappointed with the mixer.
Please note that it is a small hand mixer!

Tips for Best Use/Purpose of the Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer

For the avoidance of doubt, we shall give you a few tips as to what we surmised to be the best use/purpose of this NutriChef mixer.

  • The Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer is designed for occasions such for camping and expeditions where you don’t expect to have electricity.
  • This mixer is ideal for recipes that are too small a task for your stand mixer or a heavy duty hand mixer.
  • It would work well as a backup to your heavy duty kitchen mixer.
  • Comes in handy for folks that are on a diet and need to prepare some special drink, fruit or veggies recipes.
  • This tool works well for folks with little or no kitchen space. It is also for those who are always on the move.

The above are just examples to help you appreciate why and when you need the Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer. Click here to buy one now.
For those who are not sold on the Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer, here are options to consider


Cheaper Option


NutriChef Electric Hand Mixer

If you are looking for a cheaper hand mixer to buy, the BLACK+DECKER Hand Mixer MX3200B is a good option.

This Black &Decker hand mixer is a regular electric hand mixer with power cord. It is designed with a 250 watt motor and 6 speed settings.

The motor of this mixer gives you the exact power needed for your mixing need. Similarly, the speed settings allow you to start out slow to prevent your ingredients from splattering all over. With the turbo button you can automatically move your mixer to the highest speed.

The Black & Decker Hand Mixer is a strong and durable accessory that comes with 5 attachments. These attachments are:- two dough hooks, two wire beaters and one whisk. With these attachments, you achieve professional results at all times.

Finally, this product comes with a storage case which makes it convenient for storage and transportation. You can safely store all the attachments in one spot and reach for them whenever you need them.

Click here to buy the BLACK+DECKER Hand Mixer MX3200B to start enjoying these great features.


Different DesignNutriChef Electric Hand Mixer

TIBEK Portable Electric Hand Mixer

The TIBEK Portable Electric Hand Mixer is also a rechargeable hand mixer but it comes in a different design.

The design is an adjustable 3-position head that functions by just pressing the push button. The 90° position is ideal for whisking egg whites and similar ingredients, the 135° works for creaming butter. You adjust the head of the mixer to 180° when you want to mix recipes such as sauces.

All these position reduces the resistance that some ingredients might give to the mixer. This makes the mixer very convenient to use.

The Tibek hand mixer is lightweight and portable. This makes it handy and ideal for outdoor events and some on-site tasks. The weight also ensures that the user’s hand doesn’t experience fatigue while operating it.

It comes with an energy body (for recharging the mixer), beater, mixer attachment, whisk and USB cable. The mixer can work for over thirty minutes with each charge; it is truly a cordless mixer that requires no cable.

Click here to buy the TIBEK Portable Electric Hand Mixer.


Premium Hand Mixer

Oster 270-Watt Hand Mixer with HEATSOFT Technology

NutriChef Electric Hand Mixer

The Oster Hand Mixer is an electric hand mixer that comes with a cord. The HEATSOFT technology employs heat to soften butter while mixing it. This makes the process of preparing your ingredients faster.

The HEATSOFT technology promises to soften butter twelve times faster than other mixers. The mixer also comes with a 270 watt motor and 7 speeds including a quick burst power button.

Furthermore, the full sized attachments allow you to take on a wide variety of culinary tasks. These attachments include a whisk, beaters and dough hooks.

NutriChef Electric Hand Mixer
Also included is a storage case that adds more convenience and portability to this product. Additionally, the magnetic nozzle is detachable and dishwasher safe. The one touch bester eject lever, enables you to detach beaters without mess.

Overall, the Oster 270-Watt Hand Mixer is premium mixer that delivers professional results all the time.
Click here to buy the Oster 270-Watt Hand Mixer with HEATSOFT Technology.


Heavy Duty Hand Mixer

Braun HM5100 MultiMix Hand Mixer

NutriChef Electric Hand Mixer
The Braun Multimix Hand Mixer boasts of 50% more mixing power than other hand mixers. The SmartMix technology is an in-line vertical motor design. This design moves the weight of the mixer from the user’s hand to the bowl. For this reason, one is able to use the Braun hand mixer for a long time without fatigue to the wrist.

The 350 watt motor of the mixer also contributes to the power of the mixer and the VarioControl speed dial helps you to control the mixer. All you need to do is simply turn the dial to get the desired speed.
Another important factor is the ease of switching from one accessory to the other with just the touch of a button.

The Braun Hand Mixer has an EasyClean design. What this means is that the casing of the mixer is completely sealed. This ensures that no debris or food particles get into the unit while in use or even after use.

The EasyClean design in addition to dishwasher safe attachments makes the mixer easy to clean.
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Comparison Table


Nutrichef Electric Hand Mixer BLACK+DECKER Hand Mixer MX3200B


TIBEK Portable  Electric Hand Mixer Oster 270-Watt Hand Mixer with HEATSOFT Technology



Braun HM5100 MultiMix Hand Mixer
CategoryElectric/Cordless Battery Powered Hand MixerElectric Hand MixerRechargeable Cordless Hand MixerHand Mixer Electric Hand Mixer With Cord
AttachmentsDual beaters/whisksTwo wire beaters, one whisk, two dough hooksThree beater attachmentsBeaters, dough hooks and a whiskBalloon Whisk, dough hooks and beaters
Motor  Watt and Speed100 watt , 3 Speed settings, Up to 650 RPM mixing speed250 Watts   ,6  Speed settingsTwo optimized speed settings270 watts and 7 speeds350 Watts , 9 Speed Options
ColorBlackBlackRed  and BlackGrayBlack
MaterialEngineered ABSPlasticStainless steel/plasticStainless steelPlastic
Extra FeaturesUSB Power Cable & Adapter, Inbuilt Rechargeable batteryHard shell storage caseAdjustable 3-head position, USB cable and hand mixer energy bodyHEATSOFT Technology,  Detachable magnetic nozzle  and storage caseDrawstring storage pouch, Safety feature   and SmartMix Technology
Product Dimensions2 x 2 x 2 inches9 x 3.8 x 7.2 in11 x 5.9 x 3.3 in9.6 x 4.8 x 9.6 inches8.3 x 3 x 8.7 in
ManufacturerNutriChefBlack &DeckerTibekNewell BrandsBraun
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