Silicone Cake Tools

Silicone Cake Tools – Latest Innovations

Cake decorating tools are traditionally made from metal, glass or plastic. These days however, silicone cake tools are gaining popularity. Although many bakers both hobbyist and professionals are embracing bakeware and cake decorating products made of silicone, some others are still skeptical of them. This is because bakeware and cake decorating tools made of traditional…

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Fondant Decorating Tools

Wilton Intermediate Fondant Tool Set – A Comprehensive Review

The The Wilton Intermediate Fondant Tool Set is advertised as an intermediate fondant decorating tool set. It enables any cake decorator to create all manner of fondant decorations on cakes and deserts. Fondant is a decorating medium that creates room for multitasking. It can be used both to cover a cake and also decorate it. …

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Fondant Decorating Tools

HOSL Fondant Tools Set – A Full Review

The HOSL Fondant Tools Set has many great tools for your sugarcraft adventures. Fondant is a medium for cake decoration that requires specialized tools. Although you can work with fondant without tools but tools makes a big difference. Fondant decorating tools provide precision and exactitude when working with fondant, gumpaste, pastillage or similar medium. So…

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