Cake Piping Kits

Cake Piping Kits – A Newbie’s Guide

Cake Piping Kits – A Newbie’s Guide

When you start thinking of upping your game in the cake decorating business, there’s one essential kit you need; a cake piping kit.

Cake piping kit

There are many cake piping kits out there that making a choice might even be difficult.

But before we even go on; there are things that would help you make the right choice.

These include: (a) knowing the components of cake piping kits (b) what’s absolutely necessary (c) the things that would be nice to have and (d) the things that aren’t really necessary.

Components of Cake Piping Kits

A cake piping kit is a cake decorating set that contains the following: piping bags or a piping gun, piping nozzles, a coupler and ring and maybe piping bag ties.

Let’s just give you a brief description and uses of these components.

Piping Bag or Piping Gun  

cake piping or pastry bags

Piping bags are also called pastry bags and that’s what is used to hold the filling or icing. Piping bags are made of different materials and they include plastic, canvas, nylon and silicone.

Some kits have the piping gun or syringe as some call it. This performs that same function as the piping bag only that it is in form of a cylindrical gun or syringe. These piping guns are either made of plastic, metals or silicone.

Metal piping gun





We can actually say that the piping bag/gun is the most important component of a cake piping kit. Without the piping bag, you can’t do any cake decoration or filling of pastries. This is like the “foundation” of the kit.

Coupler set

cake piping coupler

This is what is used to attach nozzles to either the piping bag or the piping gun. It makes it easier to switch nozzles when piping with one piping bag or gun.

It is an essential component to have in the cake piping kit but may not be absolutely necessary.

This is because (a) there are some tips that don’t work with a coupler set and (b) some decorators have found hacks to work with just piping bags; with or without tips.

Cake Piping Nozzles or Tips

piping nozzles

This is the part of the kit that allows you to form the desired designs, shapes or figures.

The icing is squeezed through the piping bag/ gun and passes through the nozzle to the cake or baked goods. This is also an essential component of the cake piping kit.

Although it’s true that some decorators can work without the tips but it’s really for small projects.

Piping nozzles or tips are essential for fast and efficient decoration of large cakes and large scale projects. Without them you would not have as much control as you need.

Piping Bag Ties

piping bag ties

These are small elastic rings that are used to tie the top of the piping bag. This helps to keep the piping bag tightly closed and prevent icing from spilling over.

This is something that’s just nice to have in the kit but not absolutely necessary.

You can keep icing from spilling over from the top by (a) not filling the piping bag past halfway and (b) twisting the piping bag tight and holding it well.

We hope this gives you an overview of the components of a cake piping kit and their uses.

Now let’s briefly discuss the pros and cons of the different types of these components.

Piping Bags versus Piping Guns

Piping bags are the cone shaped bags that come in different sizes between 8 to 18 inches or even more.

Cake piping bags in a cake piping kit




The advantages and disadvantages of a piping bag include the following


  1. They offer more control to the user and are easier to manipulate and maneuver.
  2. They are more versatile as you can use them alone, with a coupler and piping nozzle or with just piping nozzles.

  3. They come in various sizes that allow you to work with myriads of nozzles.

  4. They are easier to clean; if they are disposable, you just dump after use.

  5. They can handle thicker icing consistency.



They create more mess while in use. This is especially for beginners who have to keep trying to hold the icing from spilling out the other side.


Piping guns are cylindrical shaped with a type of trigger to push out the frosting or icing.

piping gun set





These have the following advantages and disadvantages


  1. They create less mess while in use.
  2. Offers more stability

  3. They are good for practicing cake decoration and gaining more confidence in working with icing.


  1. They are more difficult to wash because unlike the pasty bags they have many moving parts. You have to dismantle the cylinder, the trigger, and the head of the gun, the coupler and the tip. Then you wash each of them carefully by hand.
  2. You have less control and maneuverability than with the piping bags.

  3. They have limited piping nozzles to work with.For what it’s worth; there are recipes that would work better with the piping gun than with piping bags.

Beginners  and kids usually find it easier to work with piping guns than piping bags. However with professional cake decorators, piping bags seem to be the way to go.

Experience and interaction has shown that most beginners find it easier to use cake piping guns. For this reason most beginners’ cake piping kits come with piping guns instead of piping bags.

Piping Nozzles/Tips

Assorted cake piping tips

There are myriads of piping nozzles that are available in the market. From the most basic ones to the professional specialty tips; there are so many varieties to choose from.

Cake piping kits come with different piping nozzles but there are some that are most commonly found in these kits. These common piping nozzles are star tip (at least two sizes), round tip (at least two sizes too), leaf, petals and drop flower tips.

Piping tips in a mini cake piping kit

Almost every beginner starts out with the star tip and round tip for borders around the cake. These tips can also be used to decorate the whole body of the cake; you can also use them to write messages on the cake.

There are really no pros and cons with piping nozzles.

The only thing is that you may get some nozzles in a cake piping kit that you’ll never get to use. You might use some once or twice out of curiosity. There are others however that you reach for almost every time you have to decorate a cake.

Coupler set

Coupler sets are used for both piping bags and piping guns. They help to attach the piping tip to the bag and make changing tips easier.

From experience, there are basically three sizes of couplers; small, medium and large. That said however, each brand has different sizing of small, medium and  large  coupler set.

Coupler sets in cake piping kit






That’s one reason why getting a coupler in a cake piping kit is the best way to go. This is because the tips from that brand would have been sized to fit the couplers.

The major advantage of using a piping coupler is that it allows you to change your piping tip easily.

We are still researching to find the disadvantage; if we do, we’ll surely let you know lol.

Flower Nail

Flower nail in cake piping kit

A flower nail is an important part of a cake piping kit that allows you to pipe flowers of different shapes and sizes. Most kits would include instructions on how to use the flower nail. But if not there are tutorials that would help you learn to maximize your flower nail.


Is a Cake Piping Kit Really Necessary?

This is a question that beginner cake decorators sometimes fail to ask before buying their tools. It is really exciting to go browsing and see all those glossy pictures of awesomely decorated cakes. These by the way are usually accompanied by either pictures or links for must have cake piping kits.

Now, is it really necessary to have a complete cake piping kit before you can create picture perfect cakes? We’ll say YES and No

Why YES?

We say yes because if you don’t really know what to buy, a cake piping kit would give you the basics (or more!). With some cake piping kits, you may not need to buy any piping tool for a long while. This is because the brand had already thought of all that a newbie would need and packaged in one kit.

With a cake piping kit you also avoid the mistake of getting ill fitting parts e.g. coupler and piping nozzles.

Cake piping kit

Why NO?

We say no because some cake piping kits are just all glitz with no functionality. You might be better off buying all the components of a cake piping kit individually. That way, you are more in control of what you get. You wouldn’t end up with useless parts (especially nozzles).

So now that you see why we said yes and no, let’s move on to a short buying guide.


Factors to Look Out For When Shopping For a Cake Piping Kit.

Despite some misgivings, we still think cake piping kits are the way to go especially for a newbie decorator. You would avoid a lot of heartache and waste of money if you buy a good cake piping kit.

There are definitely factors that would help you make the right choice and they include the following:

  1. Features of the components of the kit
  2. Durability
  3. Ease of use and cleaning
  4. Functionality
  5. Versatility
  6. Cost
  7. Frequency of use

Features of the Components of the Cake Piping Kit

Before you decide on buying a cake piping kit, you have to research well to find out the features of its components.

What materials are the parts made of? This is an important question because it would affect every other consideration.
For example, is the piping bag made of plastic, nylon, cloth/canvas or silicone?

What about the piping nozzles? Are they plastic or metal? Do they have piping bag ties included.

These are questions that need to be answered before you make a purchase. You can get these answers from verified buyer reviews, friend’s experiences and recommendations.


The material used to make the parts determine how durable the kit would be.

Kits with piping bags made with reusable materials such as plastic, nylon , canvas and silicon would surely last long. However kits with disposable piping bags would require that you replenish your stock frequently.

Plastic piping nozzles lasts for long unlike metal piping nozzles that might bend out of shape, rust or chip.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

As we earlier said, piping guns are easier to use for beginners while the pros prefer piping bags. The piping guns are also less messy to use. So dear newbie, consider a kit that has a piping gun instead of bags.

However, note that cleaning of the piping gun is more difficult than a piping bag.

On a second thought, if you are a really determined learner you can go with the piping bags. This would save you the hassles of washing the piping gun. Disposable piping bags make life easy all the way!


Check out the functionality of the kit.

69-piece cake piping kit

By this we mean that you should ensure that all the parts included are tools you would use. This is one of the reasons we’d advise that you start with a cake piping kit with the basics and a few nozzles

If you want more nozzles or tools, you can go buy them individually. Trust us when we tell you that there are many cake piping kits with unnecessary piping nozzles and tools. Some just end up being duplicates of designs.

Again buyers review would help you out in this regard.


Look out for a cake piping kit that would help you experiment. Don’t get a kit that would tie you down to one style.

You may be a homemaker who makes a lot of baked goods that require fillings. It is necessary that any kit you choose should work for all kinds of experiment with icing and fillings.

There are cake piping kits that come with both piping guns and piping bags. These are actually a good option for versatility.


Check out to be sure that your product of choice is worth the asking price. Do not be sucked in by the gimmick of celebrity endorsement.

While some celebrity endorsed products are really top notch, some others are not. Do your due diligence and be ready to pay for good quality.

cake boss cake piping kit

Remember cheap products may not be cheap in the long run.

Frequency of use

Before you cough out top dollars for a cake piping kit, think of how often you’ll be using it.

If you are going into the cake decorating business then you sure would be using your kit often. For this reason you shouldn’t be stingy on how much you are willing to pay for top quality.

For the hobbyist or homemaker who just wants to up their decorating game, you may not sweat “top quality” Getting what works for you at the right price should be your concern because you may not use the kit often.


Cake piping kits can help make your decorating experience bliss. Choosing the right one would definitely increase your pleasure and output. So be patient and find out all there is to know about cake piping kits before you go shopping.

We believe we have started you on the right path so go on and have fun; while making the right choice.


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